Automobiles as Works of Art


They are the stuff of imagination, as well as of creation and fantastic engineering. They dazzle and draw, with ideas and dreams of speed and luxury.  And the Audrain Automobile Museum in Newport has the best of the best, which they display in only small numbers at a time, allowing scrutiny, appreciation and dreaming. Exclusivity, indeed.

At a recent reception on Bellevue Avenue for the new exhibition "Fast & Furious", members and guests were not disappointed, as the one-of -a kind Shelby Daytona had guests gasping as they sipped wine and beer.  And what about the Duesenberg  commissioned by Doris Duke’s mother, the stuff of fantasy and old movies? Ah, running boards.  Ah, a windowed and private back seat for the master or mistress. It was, as the car sparked the saying, "a doozy."

Speaking of movies, the glittery, sequined car designed for the Batman films drew appreciative nods, and drew passers-by to the large plate glass windows, looking in.



Seen were Gary Garabedian, Maura Lindsay , Kathy Staab, Brooke Roberts and David de Muzio, among the throng.

                                          --   L.P.

For information on the Audrain autombile museum go to

Brooke Roberts admiring a




Gary Garabedian with 1995 Porsche



David de Muzio with the 1930bDuesenberg Model J Town Cabriolet



1963 Long Beach Rod & Custom Motorama.


The spacious Automobile Museum


Mikki Micarelli with 1910 model


An array of interesting beverages


Serving wine and craft beers


Kathy Staab & Maura Lindsay



The Audrain Museum on fabled Bellevue Avenue












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