“Yappiness ” was Rife at Potter League Soirée

View of the Pell Bridge from the lawn at Beacon Rock


And  the event was jam-parked!

Gathering at Beacon Rock, with its breathtaking views of Narragansett Bay and Fort Adams, supporters of the Potter League'“Yappy Hour” gathered for a vertiginous party and fundraiser benefiting the League’s care and adoption services for animals.  Guests were greeted by hostess Bekki Schenker and her dog Gatsby, both blondes!

The driveway -- jam parked

New Executive Director   of The Potter League, Brad Shear, spoke to the assembled guests about the League’s mission, introduced by Joan Johnson-Freese.  A call for donations to the League was answered, by many bids from generous guests, the Nuala Pell Animal Care Fund, and general expenses received three bids of $5,000 each from generous attendees.

A pet up for adoption, the adorable black nine- month old Bear, who needs hip surgery, was introduced  and cheered, his expenses met.


The gracious dining room

Delicious hors d’oeuvres were served in the dining room, and guests lounged in the lovely living room  and gathered around the pool. 

Seen were co-host Brian Cunha, Anne Hamilton, Rene Cohen, Ann Mencoff,  Happy van Beuren, Holly Bannister, Jim Moore, Carolyn DuPont, Lisa and Ronald Oliver, Robert and Pamela Chapman, DeDe Wilsey and David Thalmann. 


                                                      -- L.P.

Programs and Nuala Pell Fund information


Phyllis Seeba, Leilani Brenner & Carolyn DuPont


Lisa Perrault, Ronald & Lisa Oliver


Host Brian Cunha & Linda Cristella


Friend with Pamela & Robert Chapman


Karin Jackson & David Enstone


Gatsby and Bear  with Kara & Rob Nigro


Brad Shear, Susan Ryan & Jack Jefferies


Happy van Beuren & Karen Bevan


The view from the terrace of Beacon Rock


Allan & Carol Hodges


Hosts Bekki Schenker & Brian Cunha


Debra Gold, Linda Cristella, Sharon Bergman & Marsha Cohen



Diana Bell, Kim Herrlinger & Jonna Chewning


Pam Akgun & Carlyne Benkhart in the living room


Judith Enstone, Randal & Kristen Poirier


Joan Johnson-Freese speaks about Potter league's mission and program



Executive Director Brad Shear


Brian Cunha & Bekki Schenker with Potter League kitty


 Friend & Carol Epstein


    Friend,  Dr. Holly Bannister, Carol Epstein


Rene Cohen & Candy MacDonald


David Thalmann & DeDe Wilsey


Potter Leaguers with Gatsby

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