"Wild Women" Honored by WRC

Katie Bidlack with honorees Joyce Lineberry & Dominique Alfandre

From "Men Who Make a Difference", the Women's Resource Center's annual awards, to "Women Who Make a Difference" is not much of a leap, but the standards for both genders is the same: improving the world for families and children, helping women in distress, and providing support on many life levels. The event's title was suggested by the book, "Witches, Wenches and "Wild Women of Rhode Island", a history of outstanding women of Rhode Island, by m.e. Reilly- McGreen.


This year, the Women's Resource Center's "wild women" ranged from an ambassador to the head of a dance company to a pastor, and many women who have dedicated themselves to the purposeful work of the agency. Their collective "wildness" manifests as devotion and zeal for the rights and situation of women, and each has contributed, in differing ways, to women's welfare. So tag names were selected for them, to describe their varied talents and contributions.


Thomas Palmer, Lisa Randall & Jessica George

Honorees were Ms. Dominique Alfandre, "the Artist", Pastor Becky Baumann, "The Spiritual Seeker", Ms. Jeanette Beach, " the Nurturer", Ms. Annette Bourbonniere, "The Empowerer",  Ms. Brenda Brock, "The Innovator", Honorable Judy Clagett McLennan, "The Ambassador", Ms. Ellen Ford, "The Leader", Ms. Libby Kirwin, "The Trailblazer", Ms. Joyce Lineberry, "The Activist", Ms. Tina McIntyre, "The Humanitarian", Ms. Stephanie McLennan, "The Adventurer",  Ms. Lisa Utman Randall, "The Free Spirit", Ms. Mary Vieira, "The Teacher", and Ms. Marilyn Warren, "The Crusader".


As the Wild Women enjoyed lunch with friends and admirers at The Atlantic Beach Club, Mary Roda  served as a moderator, and for dessert, an hilarious story of growing up fighting prejudices against women, Professor Agnes Doody delighted the audience, which included some brave gentlemen.


Honoree Jeanette Beach  with Mary Ambrogi


A raffle was held , won by some excited attendees. Newport is truly enriched by the efforts of these outstanding women, and by the work of the Women's Resource Center .


 Deedra Deroscher, Judy McLennan & Jeanette Beach

 A "crowned" Joyce Lineberry

Leith Adams & Ken Brockway

The honorees group portrait

Wild Women have their own vintage

Lori DiPersio, Exec. Director of the Women's Resource Center &

Mary Roda, Exec, Director of the Domestic Violence Resource Center

of South County

Award being presented to Honoree Pastor Becky Baumann

Honoring Jeanette Beach

Ms. Annette Bourbonniere with Mary Roda

Ms. DiPersio with Honoree Brenda Brock, Founder & CEO

of Farmaesthetics

Ms. Ellen Ford is cited

Libby Kirwin is honored

Tina McIntyre takes the prize

The Honorable Judy McLennan is cited

Ms. Roda & Stephanie McLennan, an adventurer!    

 Citing Lisa Utman Randall

Marilyn Warren of the MLK Center is honored

Jessica Walsh, the Director of Prevention at WRC

Professor Agnes Doody telling tales of discrimination & triumph

The rapt audience listens to Dr. Doody

Candy MacDonald & Rene Cohen

Judy & Stephanie McLennan talking to Dr. Doody

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