Whitney Slade Retires from St. Michael's in a Saucy Salute of Glory

Q. When does a Roast actually become a barbecue? A. When the subject is skewered and his goose is cooked!


Marilyn Warren Exec. Dir. of MLKCC & Zulekha Ludwig, former St. Michael's parent 

Whitney Slade, who retired as headmaster of St. Michael's Country Day School after 16 innovative years, was given a "roast" that put New York's Friars Club to shame, complete with paeans and winks, double endres, and skits based on television programs parodying Mr. Slade's achievements, in good natured and very creative fashion.


Mr. Slade took it all in stride, as his tenure was portrayed in good natured song and scenes. Emcee Emlen Drayton invited David Canepari (former trustee), Suzi Nance (trustee), and David Howe (former Board Chair) up, and they alternately praised and poked at the Headmaster's years of achievement. When Mr. Slade got a word in edgewise, he called Mr. Howe "the next Red Skelton".


Dr. Judith Gays, Paul Igoe

Mr. Drayton donned a turban  (will the gentleman stop at nothing?) and gave an imitation of Johnny Carson's Carnac the Magnificent, which elicited great laughter and applause when the question was: " What is the similarity between a crowbar and Whitney Slade? " To which was answered, "they are both after the brain."


Clearly beloved by both parents and students, Mr. Slade had a turnout that made the Emmys audience seem, well, smallish.


Seen in the mammoth tent behind the school were:, Ed and Christie Smith, David Howe (who gave a toast at the roast), Betsy Wylie, who has served 20 years on the St. Michael's Board, Jeff and Jan Gordon (he a former Board Chair), David Bazarsky (former Board Chair), David and Diane CanepariTammy and  Evelyn Marano, and Dr. Judith Gays with Paul Igoe.


Christina Wirges, Jean Ferry, Ted Ferry, Jessica Boyle


It was the fondest of farewells.


                                                                      -- L.P.                                                                             


The tent at St. Michael's

Friend with honoree Whitney Slade

Elizabeth van Liew & John Dunn

Marilyn Warren & Lisa Lewis

David Bazarsky, former Board Chair,with Pierre Dupont Irving

Emlen Drayton

Tamara Farrick & Evelyn Marano

Suzie Nance & Andy Kagan

Julia & Curt Richardson

Jan & Jeff Gordon, former Board Chair

Applauding Whitney Slade

A skit with Mr. Slade in his "office"

Bob Tavares, head of middle school at St. Michael's

Alumni musicians with Art Manchester

David Canepari, former Trustee

Leslie Grosvenor collecting

"It's a wonderful school.." based on "It's a wonderful life". Steven Turilli as Whitney Slade

Suzi Conklin Nance speaking

Ed & Christie Smith, Exec. Dir. of Potter League, & Betsy Wylie

St. Michael's faculty singing to outgoing boss

David Howe, trustee and former Board Chair, at podium

Carnac the Magnificent receives a question

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