Ultra Chic Fashion and a Philosophy for Living at RIB & RHEIN Fashion Show

The unique fashions of RIB & RHEIN announcing its new line, the SS 15 Collection, incorporated all the elements apparent to visitors to the fascinating shop on William Street in Newport : an entire world of R&R that embraces many cultures, ages, styles, and even crosses the boundaries of history, all with a luxurious twist.


The stylish model pair

Erin and Thomas Ribeiro bring a unique sensibility to their clothing boutique, which has grown to include an extra floor devoted to perfume, and mens' and ladies' shoes. Nothing ordinary therein dwells.


The fashion show at Belle Mer featured extremely wearable clothing, on models that were tall, short, older, younger, male and female. The venue itself was transformed into a wonderland of billowing white, with a small boutique near the entrance where guests could browse and buy pre-show.

A coterie of people in the fashion business was in attendance, and eagerly awaited the runway modeling.


There was wearable, comfortable clothing for both genders in the R&R signature style – anglo-indo-waspy luxury– and the models were composed and chic. Until the tambourine sounded, and the male model clad only in jungle pants appeared beating a drum. The piece de resistance was the appearance of a belly dancer in traditional garb, wielding and dancing with a scimitar, showing that culture and fashion are connected.

Living well at RIB&RHEIN  Boutique


A VIP dinner for thirty  special guests took place in a private dining room after the show, with courses being offered, the food so exquisite that diners applauded as each dish was served. Food is fashion, too.

Elegance, indeed.

                                               -- L.P.


Mannequin at RIB & RHEIN

Two important guide books at Rib & Rhein

A vivid painting with horse sculptures

The polo-esque logo on a screen

Jeff & Lorraine Farrar with Constance Metcalf

The Rib & Rhein boutique at Belle Mer

Ruth Thumbtzen looked fashionable

Paul Eckhart with Julie Parker

A mannequin with antique trunks

Melissa McNeeley, Robert Burton & Liz de Villegas

Dhardra Blake, host Thomas Ribeiro & Eric Dahler



Frank Barbosa & Antonio Aponte, who did models' hair and make up


Kristin Kelly & Lori Conkling


The runway show begins!


All wrapped up for summer


Hostess Erin Ribeiro & Kim Herrlinger


A day look that goes into evening


The new trend:  full pants

 A A short fashion story


Billowing pants in luxurious fabrics abounded


Tight jeans looking chic


A short sail?


Another pretty day dress from R&R


Applauding the models


The fashionable young gentleman


Erin Ribeiro with friend



A very cool look


Formal wear


Show stopping ensemble:  pants and guitar


 Lovely dress


Belly dancer wielding a scimitar


Don't try this at home!


Exhorting the audience to keep time



The best sunscreen:  a parasol


An afternoon outing, fashionably dressed



Friend, Cheryl Richards & Liz deVillegas



Stunning shirt dress


The parade of models


Danielle Lampron & Marina Aslanidou, of Vanderbil Grace


Rene Cohen, Barbara Peters & Bea Temkin


Doris & Bernie Nemtzow

The VIP Dinner Table

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