IYRS President Terry Nathan speaks at ceremony


Edward Sanderson




The restored 1831 Mill Building on the IYRS downtown Newport campus adjoining the impressive working International Yacht Restoration School had its official opening on May 14, with a ribbon cutting ceremony and reception attended by sailing enthusiasts, historic restoration buffs, and interested citizens. Terry Nathan, President of IYRS, told the assembled guests that the organization was “adapting to the times” in bringing this building aback to life.

A remnant of the working waterfront, Nathan said the restoration was a fruitful collaboration with the neighborhood, and particularly thanked Molly de Ramel, Bill Casey, and Gary Hooks for their encouragement during the 5-year project.

“The Mill building is now a world-class school, which contributes 40 jobs to the local economy, and provides an historic campus for students and visiting tourists.” He also spoke about the restoration of the historic yacht “Coronet”, which is available for viewing.

“There are wonderfully layered benefits to this restored mill,” said Nathan, president of IYRS. “It also satisfies the long-term mission of the school to preserve the entire historic campus, and what a beautiful improvement to the quality of life in this neighborhood. The entire mix of benefits is very gratifying.”

Joe Dockery, David Ellwell and Ted Graves of the Board of Trustees represented the Board. Candy Isdale, whose husband George was a speaker and is Chairman of IYRS, cut the red ribbon after her husband’s remarks. Edward F. Sanderson, Executive Director or the State of Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission, which oversaw the project, told the audience that the Mill Building showed that “good old buildings can be used for more than one thing.”

Artist John Mecray donated an antique painting of the Coronet to IYRS.
Newport Collaborative Architects served as architects of the $7.5 million project and Farrar & Associates of Newport managed construction. NCA Principal John Grosvenor attended the ceremony and reception, along with Pieter Roos, Director of the Newport Restoration Foundation, Bart Dunbar, Carol O’Malley, Nick Harry, and Angela Fischer IYRS staff and volunteers.

Most Mill tenants have involvement in the marine industry and the IYRS campus. 


John Mecray and Susan Daly

IYRS Chairman George Isdale

David Ellwell, Joe Dockery, George Isdale

Cindy Isdale
Terry Nathan and Sam Crum

Jody Lexow, Carol O'Malley, and Nick Harry
Clark Poston, Maggie Vale, and Verney Sellers
Architect John Grosvenor (r.) with friend

Pieter Roos and
Debra Huntington

Bart Dunbar and
John Stevens
John Grosvenor and
Angela Fischer
John Mecray and
Joe Dockery

An office in the restored mill

An original stairwell in the Mill












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