The Life Of The Mind


Linda Gordon, Joan Rosasco, Cheryl Helms
A small private reception for Redwood Library lecturer Joan Rosasco was held at the 1760 home of Doug Riggs and Mary Riggs, he the President of the Board of Directors of the Redwood, and she, co-chair of the Events committee. The Redwood Library, dedicated to “the life of the mind” is a sanctuary for readers, scholars, and historians, and presents diverse programming throughout the year.


Hostess Mary Riggs in the den of her 1760 home

The conversation was lively, as Former Newport mayor David Gordon chatted with Jerry Slocum and David Ford, who is currently renovating the Bellevue Avenue mansion Miramar. President of The Preservation Society of Newport County Trudy Coxe talked with the hostess about her astonishing collection of bird cages, and Linda Gordon, Board secretary, updated Redwood Library Director Cheryl Helms on the ongoing renovation work on the historic Casino Theatre. Interior designer Jean Baker and her husband Douglas, George Herrick, and Lee and Lynn Merrill mingled with Redwood devotees Dennis Stark and Robert Amaranti.

Hosts Mary and Doug Riggs with Lynn Merrill

David Gordon, Jerry Slocum, David Ford

Trudy Coxe and
Mary Riggs


Dennis Stark, David Gordon,
and Robert Amaranti


George Herrick, David Ford, and Lee Merrill


Jean and Douglas Baker with
Joan Rosasco













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