Fans were the Stars at the Rhode Island premiere of "Moonrise Kingdom"

Not even Standing Room Only was available

It was the hottest event in town – literally.

During the recent tropical heat wave, The Jane Pickens Theater and Event Center hosted the RI premiere of "Moonrise Kingdom", the much-lauded Wes Anderson film that was shot in and around Newport last summer.


The theater was decorated with many set artifacts from the film, including the "Camp Lebanon" sign, where the Khaki Scouts (under scoutmaster Edward Norton) bivouacked, a scout tent, from which the film's protagonist  Jared Gilman vanished, and a bullhorn used by Frances McDormand to communicate with her dysfunctional family. The very same bullhorn was later used by Kathy Staab to welcome guests as they watched Bill Murray, Bruce WillisJason Schwartzman, and the Island's own Boy Scout Troop 55 on location in Middletown and Prudence Island.


The film's poster on display

The film décor was appreciated, as was the delicious buffet dinner served on the loggia as the audience of guests arrived. It was a sell out.


The theater itself had ceiling fans rotating, but it could do little to ease the discomfort of guests, who increasingly made makeshift fans out of the caterer's supply of paper plates, folded newspapers, and their own electronic gadgets. and hats.


As the quirky film about two 12 year old runaway lovers set  in 1964 progressed, the heat abated somewhat. But the audience longed for the relief of "Noyes Fludde" the Benjamin Britten Cantata that figured prominently in the film, a treat for those addicted to interesting detail.


The actual tent from the film


Alas, there was little surcease for patrons Rob Bailey and Teddy Aspegren, Captain so and so, Brian Delaney,Rita Slom, and a contingent of youngsters. Although no one left the theater, a tribute to the film's appeal, one patron said at the conclusion: "I think I lost five pounds."




Kathy Staab (r.) greeting guests

The camp sign, from the film

The canoe in which the young couple paddled away!

Friend and Rita Slom

Welcoming guests and serving popcorn and champagne

Waiting for the premiere

Sailors in to see the film

Sampling the excellent buffet

Teddy Aspegren & Rob Bailey in their coveted seats

The theater was completely full

Kathy Staab annouces the film with the bullhorn

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