The Best Exotic Bollywood Party for newportFILM Friend- raiser

NewportFILM has been busily bringing the best of independent films, directors, and events to our city by the sea for the last five years, suggesting that guests at their annual "Friend Raiser" become stars themselves for the evening by dressing the part. (We recall Molly de Ramel , and others, as Marilyn Monroe!)


The energetic group put on its 4th Annual Friend-Raiser at Christie’s Restaurant. Its theme for the festive evening was Bollywood, with serious Indian decor: drapes, artwork, lamps, the beautiful bright colors, It became the world across the ocean. The restaurant was decorated magnificently, to the point where it felt truly part of another world and immersed within another culture.


The party itself was divided in two: Downstairs was the cocktail area and raffle area. There was an open bar with decadent hors d’oeuvres throughout the cocktail hour, with Bollywood videos being played, while downstairs guests were invited to participate in the raffle and buy tickets for it.


Christie’s upstairs was another country: divided up into a lounge and a dance

floor. Within the lounge was a bar, comfortable and themed seating, along with a flipbook photo booth from Flipbook City. Guests saw a photo shoot section for the newportFILM company, and for their own best dressed contest. Then came the dance floor, where guests were encouraged to dance the night away and have an amazing night out.


Newport Seen looked in vain for actor Dev Patel, but did spot wonderfully dressed Terri Conners (newportFilm's executive director), Antena David (event coordinator), Meredith Nordhem, Albert Vuoso, Woody Woodworth, and Katie Whittemore.


---Written and Photographed by Brianna DaSilva


Mural created by Jacqueline Siefert!


Cathy Winston, Albert Vuoso (newportFILM intern), & Bernard Winston

Raffle Prizes

Wine Raffle Prize

Raffle Prizes!

Dinner for 2 Raffle Prize

newportFILM Raffle Ticket Girls



Kimberly Palmer, John Palmer, John Murphy, & Woody Woodworth

Antena David (Events Coordinator) & Terri Conners (Executive Director)

Tvrtko Ceric & Kerstin Zettmar


Renee Roberts & Sandra Broomfield

Trish North, Meagan Mycroft, & Lyn Dawley

Guillaume de Ramel, Andrea van Beuren, Meredith Nordhem, & Roger Kass

Katie Whittemore


Kara & Kyle Reichman


Neal Harrell & Sara Harrell


Flipbook City



Guests dancing in the Dance Mania Room


Katrina Hayes & Ted Slee


Allyson Harple & Kristin Macmannis



Terri Conners & Jacqueline Siefert (Fine Artist & Apparel Designer of the beautiful mural behind them)


Kiel Patrick (of Kiel James Patrick-Anchor Bracelets), Sarah Vickers, Brendan Murphy, & Devon Park

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