"Stringing Us Along", the Newport String Project Plays Beethoven, Gershwin at Rough Point


The Newport String Project at Rough Point

A string quartet of four excellent musicians played a perfect concert, "Beethoven and Burgundy"  at Rough Point , interspersed with learned commentary on the music, and announced plans to teach and coach youngsters their instruments, and to create a resident Newport String Quartet.

A Baroque setting

Exciting and artistic, the Newport String Project is part of the Newport Renaissance this year, in which energy and new directions are coming from many sources.


 Ealain McMullin describes the creation of Beethoven's

1st String Quartet

"Igniting imaginations through music performance and education" is the lofty mission statement of the group.  Its leaders violinists Emma  Lee Holmes-Hicks and Ealain McMullin, who played with two guest artists,Lauren Latessa, cello and Annalisa Boerner, viola at Rough Point, described coaching children at space in the Martin Luther King Center, and shared stories of the children's progress and their delight in it.


Margo Nishimura welcomes the audience, and describes the work of the String Project

The Rough Point concert featured  chamber music as it was originally meant to be performed:  in a magnificent palace or mansion. Introduced by Margo Nishimura, the concert began with  Beethoven's String Quartet #1 in four movements, going from the vigorous, sprightly first, to a dirge-like threnody in the second, an agitated cello melody ending.  In the Scherzo, a slithering motif was passed around, and the robustious fourth created an upbeat final.  Ending with the jazzy Gershwin Lullaby dedicated to Miss Duke, herself a musician, we heard pizzicato in the strings and an impossibly high octave in the violin.


After the concert, wine was served (white burgundy) to protect the furnishings, and concertgoers congratulated the musicians.

Ronald Flor & audience members meeting with the players at a post-concert reception


The final performance of the season of The Newport String Project was Sunday, June 5  at the Great Friends Meeting House, Newport.

Co-Director EmmaLee Holmes-Hicks speaks to the audience


Taking a bow after the Gershwin

                                    -- L.P.

For forther information, go to www.NewportStringProject.org

Volunteers checking in guests at Rough Point


Friend with photographer Thomas Palmer

The audience awaits the musicians


The Directors relaxing after a stellar performance


Guest discussing the program with cellist Lauren Latessa


Gentleman with Annalisa Boerner & Lauren Latessa


Pieter Roos, Executive Director of the Newport Restoration Foundation, with Ms. Nishimura












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