Simultaneous Soliloquies at Chelsea’s Tria Gallery


Artists Katheryn Holt and Josh George

NewportSeen went down to New York for the Chelsea Art Walk, visiting trendy Tria Gallery’s opening reception for artists Katheryn Holt and Josh George. It was also the beginning day of New York fashion week, and the young crowd on West 25th Street was dressed to… infinity.


Among the guests were actress Frances McDormand and her husband Joel Coen, whose latest film "A Simple Man" has just opened, along with jazz great Pat Metheny, whose wife Latifa is a director of Tria, Franklin Perrell, Curator of the Nassau Art Museum, and Tria artist Frank Olt. Directors Paige Bart and Carol Suchman spoke with guests.

Director Joel Coen and artist Katheryn Holt


It was talking and viewing at l’heure d’affluence, known in New York as rush hour, as the crush continued throughout the building, full of galleries having fascinating openings.


Newporter John Dalessio spoke with Mr. George, and the striking contemporary canvases were studied with great concentration by guests. Attorney Andrew Bart arrived late, and Richard Fronapfel and Noelle-ClaireLe Cann appreciated the art, and partook of wine and cheese.

Pat Metheny with Josh George

David Garelick, Tria Directors Paige Bart and Carol Suchman

Joel Coen and Frances McDormand

Josh George with John Dalessio

Frances McDormand and Latifa Metheny

Franklin Hill Perrell (right)

Tria Gallery’s opening reception

Noelle Le Cann, Richard Fronapfel, and Tal Nadan

Leonard Bart and Paige Bart

Latifa Metheny, Frank Olt, and Pat Metheny

Pat Metheny talks with Josh George

Frank Olt, Paige Bart, and art lovers

Artist Katheryn Holt & Leigh Dugan of the David Letterman show

Tria Gallery’s opening reception

Katheryn Holt's "Fitting Room"

Tria Gallery’s opening reception












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