Sail Newport's Re-Shipwrecked "Go Green" 2013

Bottlecap seahorse sculpture

Kermit the Frog famously sang, "It's not easy being green," but Sail Newport sure made going green look not only effortless, but also DIY stylish at their annual "Shipwrecked" spring fundraiser event. Past years have featured themes like "Shipwrecked in the 80's" and "Shipwrecked on the Small Screen"; 2013's "Re-Shipwrecked" was a tribute to recycling, re-using, and environmental conservation.


This energetic party is known for its loyal, seaworthy attendance base, which loves to show up in costume. The 2013 invitation to "Go Green" could have been interpreted in a myriad of different ways - and it was! We saw chic, strapless minidresses made out of old sails, a gown made entirely out of Shaws plastic supermarket bags (sported by Dawn Speros), and even a dress made of coffee filters (worn by Cheryl Cawley DeAngelis). We saw an interpretation of Tom Hanks' shipwrecked character from "Castaway" (Matt Poirier) with his companion, Wilson, the volleyball. We saw the Greenman family, cheerful in matching leaf headdresses. We saw the Jolly Green Giant (Duncan Skinner), Mother Nature (Maura Boyd), as well as an incredible 4-pack of giant Heineken cans, complete with enormous plastic 6-pack rings! We saw hats and accessories made out of all manner of found objects; we also saw costumes that were clever plays on words, such as Janice Kennedy's "50 Shades of Green."


"Water is life"

The party was held in the large empty space at Bellevue Shopping Plaza "where Almacs used to be," as some of us longtime Newporters are fond of saying (it's a trademark Rhode Island thing, to give directions using landmarks that no longer exist). The Garabedian family graciously lent out the space, but if you thought that partying in an old empty supermarket would be unappetizing, then you really ought to have been there. Green lighting, hanging lanterns, and a map-of-the-world dance floor were just a few elements that transformed the vast empty into the perfect party venue.


A gorgeous seahorse sculpture was crafted out of old bottlecaps and shimmered under green spotlights near the silent auction tables. A big star sculpture was made entirely out of old wine corks. Metal sheets with patterned cutouts, used for radiators, were repurposed into a raffle ticket cage and candle holders. The creativity and resourcefulness were inspiring, to say the least.


Dawn Speros

Courtney Van Beuren, dressed as "Miss Margarita," interviewed each new costumed attendee so that she and the other judges could pick winners for the costume contest. Movie screens showed images of the sea and its denizens, reminding guests of the importance of cleaning and preserving our beautiful oceans and marine life. The World Premiere Band had the dancefloor packed in no time and truly put on a show, with synchronized movements, as well as venturing out into the crowd to play and break dance to beloved disco standards and contemporary hits.


Executive Director Brad Read took the stage at one point to thank supporters and speak about Sail Newport, its purpose, and to reiterate the theme of environmental conservation. Next was the costume contest, with winners in different categories receiving old trophies that had been newly dressed up in fake green plant life. Recipients seemed overjoyed to be rewarded for their creative efforts.


Matthew DeAngelis & Cheryl Cawley DeAngelis


It was easily one of the most exuberant crowds we've seen in some time, helping to make this party a major highlight of the Newport spring fundraiser season.


                                               --Amanda M. Grosvenor



Sail Newport Executive Director Brad Read,

Cheryl Cawley & Matthew DeAngelis

Entering the party

Jason Honnen & Jennifer Gullins

Mary Patuto & Mike Ryan

The incredible Heineken 4-pack

Brian Haggerty & Caitlin Kavanagh

Cork starfish

"Waste Management"

Jennie Metzler

The food table

"Tree Hugger" Micah Reyes

World dancefloor

Pam Akgum & Corinna Britten

Conservation is a bright idea

Jeff & Annie Beneville


The manatee

Melinda Laucks, Janet Garnier, Henry Pioetro, Mark McVay

Food table

Pointing out a great new costume

David & Allison Van Cleef, Roberta & Ike Bowen

Ellen & Lee Nash

The bar

"Mother Nature" Maura Boyd

Hanging lanters

Gretchen Baum


Nuclear recycle center!


Mugsy & Duncan Skinner


Leslie Lerner & Finn


Dancing on top fo the world


Lounge area


Fun fish decoration


Paul Marshall & Colleen Kennedy


JP Kennedy & mom Janice Kennedy, "50 Shades of Green"


Colleen Kennedy, Gretchen Baum, Elizabeth Childs


Matt Poirier


Caitlin Niemic


Chris & Val Allen

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