Rock Redux: America (the Band) Performs at Newport's ITHF Casino Theater

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A lucky cadre of music-loving Rhode Islanders were treated to a rare Newport performance by the classic rock group America, a band that has performed for decades around the world, and whose music has endured thanks to its unique yet classic songwriting and smooth, unmistakable harmonies. The International Tennis Hall of Fame (ITHF) hosted the band in its gorgeous Casino Theater, which recently underwent a $5.2 million restoration, and now shines in gilded era charm, with pale, robin’s egg-blue walls and delicate gold paint to accent the original historical detailing.

Concertgoers sipped refreshments and mingled before the show, some of whom included ITHF Chair Christopher Clouser and wife Patsy, Jeff and Jan Gordon, Toby and Kate Field, Pierre and Kathy Irving, and Paul and Liz Doucette. Soon, guests were ushered in to take their seats as the band took center stage.

International Tennis Hall of Fame

America blazed out of the gates in high spirits with “Tin Man,” a well-loved hit which set the tone for an energetic, crowd-pleasing set. Sultry red lighting bathed the stage for much of the performance, while behind the band a slideshow of 60’s-era cover art, Americana, and photos of civil rights protest imagery, political figures like Martin Luther King, and iconic places like San Francisco’s Haight Street served as the backdrop for certain songs.

America’s stage presence and professionalism have been honed after more than four decades of playing together; front men Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell started playing together in high school, and they still play more than 100 concerts every year. Audience members cheered loudly for “I Need You,” a soft, sincere ballad and the band’s first song. America mentioned plans to release an album of cover songs, and treated listeners to their cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock,” which was surprisingly jazzy and, despite a similar inclination for harmony, thankfully didn’t sound like a copy of the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young cover.


Julia, Toby, & Kate Field with Jan & Jeff Gordon

In between songs, the band mentioned that they were “honored” to play that evening, that they had seen some incredible items in the ITHF Museum, and that the new theater acoustics were “fantastic.”

Lonely People,” had a few arms raised and swaying in the audience, and “Sister Golden Hair” had everyone clapping. Other well-loved classics played that night included “Sandman,” “Ventura Highway,” “Don’t Cross the River,” “Woman Tonight,” and “You Can Do Magic.” The iconic, perpetually mysterious “Horse with No Name” rounded off the set; Beckley and Bunnell also noted that yes, the horse is still nameless.

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Gigi & Gordon Lewis, Christa Casey

Steve & Zulekha Ludwig, John & Linda Finn

Jeanne Paquette & Lisa Hill

ITHF Chair Christopher Clouser & wife Patsy

Anne Marie McLaughlin, Charles Kehres, Colleen Hopkins


Pre-show lobby


Paul & Liz Doucette


Kathy & Pierre Irving


Theater accents


Concert souvenir booth


John Mertes, Susan Noel, Karen & Brian Megley


Beck & Jackie Bennett


America takes the stage!


Gerry Beckley & Dewey Bunnell


America performs


America performs


America performs


America performs


America performs


America performs













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