Restoring, Preserving, “Greening” Newporters Honored by Restoration Foundation


The tent on the lawn at Rough Point

Board members, preservationists, officials, and guests attended the third annual Doris Duke Historic Preservation Awards awards, a French-inspired, black, white and red-themed evening held under a tent at Doris Duke’s former home, Rough Point in September. The ceremony recognized two projects for achievement, one private, one commerical. which have contributed significantly to the historic streetscapes of Newport.



Pieter Roos, Kelly Clemens, Tripp Clemens, Architect David Hacin and Paige Bronk, City of Newport (presenting the award)

Clint and Kelly Clemens were honored for their faithful reconstruction of Hose Station 8, a historic firehouse in the Historic Hill neighborhood, and The International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS) was selected for its masterful adaptive reuse of the historic industrial Aquidneck Mill on Lower Thames Street.


Edward Sanderson, Executive Director of the Rhode Island Historic Preservation & Heritage Commission, spoke on the efficacy and positive economic return of preserving old buildings and cities.

Paige Bronk, Pieter Roos, Terry Nathan of IYRS


"Both projects demonstrate how the preservation of one building can contribute greatly to the streetscape, whether by maintaining (through identical reconstruction) its historic character, as in the Redwood Hose 8 firehouse, or by enhancing the aesthetics of a major thoroughfare with façade and landscaping improvements, as demonstrated by IYRS," commented Pieter N. Roos, executive director of the Newport Restoration Foundation.   Originally planned as a restoration project, the Hose Station 8 project turned out to be a much larger undertaking. Halfway through restoration work, it was determined that the original beach-sand mortar securing the brick sidewalls had deteriorated to the point of structural unsoundness requiring demolition. The Clemens’ then made the remarkable decision to reconstruct the entire building using the original bricks, faithfully replicating the building's historic exterior appearance to within inches of the original. The firehouse reconstruction also provided the opportunity to use "green" and sustainable materials and technologies, allowing the building to function efficiently into the future. Kelly and her son Tripp Clemens accepted the award with architect David Hacin. Clint Clemens was out of town on business.


 NRF Trustee David Gordon speaking at the awards

The International Yacht Restoration School's transformation of Aquidneck Mill is an outstanding example of how viable commercial space can be created within a historic space while at the same time maintaining an historic building's essential character. The mill building, which now accommodates several businesses, also serves as the IYRS visitor's center and library. Preserving both the interior and exterior of such a prominent building while also successfully incorporating new and varied uses, will have significant positive impact on both the Lower Thames neighborhood and the city at large.  The award recipients were chosen by a committee comprised of representatives from the City, the Newport Restoration Foundation (NRF), and individuals involved in historic preservation at the local, state and national levels.  Terry Nathan, President of IYRS, accepted the award.

Newport Mayor Jeanne Marie Napolitano


The recipients were publicly acknowledged in early September at Newport City Hall. All proceeds from the awards celebration benefit the Doris Duke Fund for Historic Preservation, which distributes funds to local organizations and groups.


The Doris Duke Awards Committee:Chris Macdonald, Dorienne Farzan, Gladys Szapary, Linda Gordon, Barbara Lloyd Baker, Paula Murray and Kathy Spargo

Cheryl Helms and topiary camel with pearls


Trudy Coxe, Lisa Goddard, and Pieter Roos


Richard Sayer and William Vareiks


Robin Nicholson, Melanie Delman, former honoree, Tom Denniston, and Ruth Orthwein


David Gordon with fellow NRF Trustee Tom Goddard

Win Smith and Alex Allardt, former honoree

Rob Beaver, Justin McLaughlin, Newport City Councilman, and Diane Beaver

Pieter Roos DDCF President Ed Henry and his wife Susan Monk


Graeme Smith and John Mecray


DDCF President Ed Henry and Mrs. Robert Charles


Barbara Roos and Karen Barrett Roskelly


PIeter Roos announcing awards


Donald Christ with Noreen Stonor Drexel


Edward Sanderson speaking


Cheryl Helms, Lisa Goddard and Trudy Coxe


Jonathan Stephens


Mohamad Farzan with NRF staff Marlaine Salafia and her husband Joe


John and Mary Ellen Grosvenor

 Guillaume and Molly de Ramel


Cheryl Helms, Gladys Thomas and Angela Fischer


Leah and Ross Cann, Barbara and Richard Bohan

Douglas Riggs, Diane Brown, friend and Mary Riggs


Ronald Lee Fleming, Lisa Goddard, and Ed Lavalle


Newport Seen's Linda Phillips and Jay Serzan


Justin McLaughlin and Ann Arnold


Ms. Nellie Longsworth & Mr. Eric Hertfelder

The tent outside Rough Point


Hors d'oeuvres a la Francaise


Entrance to the Doris Duke Awards












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