Remembrance and Revelry Side by Side on John Rosatti's "Remember When" at Vanderbilt Residences

The irony: the state-of-the-art yacht "Remember When" was hosting a wonderful Newport party while anchored next to the yacht "Silver Chalice", belonging to World Trade Center owner Larry Silverstein. It was September 10, 2011.


Joe Paolino, Jr., former Mayor of Providence,  told Newport Seen this history, and that, on the very eve of the 9/11 tenth anniversary, Mr. Silverstein was attending the somber memorial services in New York while cocktails were being served on "Remember When."


A luxurious land yacht

The owner of "Remember When", John Rosatti, was a charming host for the late afternoon party, and his English crew members showed visitors around the luxurious vessel, ending with the engine room, so shiny and stunning it seemed preposterous, like something out of a science fiction movie.


On the upper deck, guests talked and laughed. Stacie Mills was busily introducing people, and NS caught up with Stephanie Forstmann and Donald Ritter, Bob and Beverly Chell, James Leach, Dawn Kimball, Jack Murray, Michael Ruthner, Melanie Delman, Bob and Denise Lucey, Tom Fleming, Norbert Vonnegut, and the youngest guest, an adorable baby.


The deck of "Remember When"



Outside, the luxurious cars and and the beautiful residences reminded us all of our great good fortune on a historic anniversary.




Guest with Rick Bready

James Leach, Norbert Vonnegut & Tom Fleming

Owner John Rosatti & Dawn Kimball

Laurie Brooke & Todd Wrubel

Bob & Beverly Chell

Stephanie Forstmann models a creation from Rib & Rhein boutique

Sister and brother-in-law of  Dawn Kimball with daughter

At the luxurious bar

John Callaghan enjoying wine

Joe Paolino, Jr. with Dawn Cunningham &  John Rosatti

Jack Murray, Michael Ruthner, Margaret Hall, Dr. & Donna DiFilippo

Stan Bugara & Joan Weglowski at sunset

Jay Page, Donald Ritter & Stephanie Forstmann

"Ladies of Lila" Melanie Delman & Joan McNamara

The setting sun


Luxuriously appointed living quarters


 A bedroom suite


A spa bathroom on "Remember When"


The "His" vanity


Bob & Denise Lucey


The futuristic engine room



"Remember When" from the dock


The Vanderbilt Residences


Friend with Jay Serzan


"The Silver Chalice" alongside "Remember When"

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