International Red Cross Ball a Palm Beach Pageant and Tapestry in Red



Honoring the International Red Cross Agency, the lavish Ball, held this year at Mar-a-Lago, was sold out by last summer.  President of the United States and The First Lady were in attendance at their home, Mar a Lago, as protesters of his travel ban marched through streets outside the mansion.

The First Lady and President Donald Trump arrive


But the celebration of the fine agency was not marred. Inside the lavish venue, The Marine Honor Guard escorated Ball Chairman Janet Cafaro, respendent in red.

Marines escort Janet Cafaro, Chairwoman


The flag, a color reverse of the flag of Switzerland, affirms the internationality and neutrality of the organization.  The International Red Cross Ball in Palm Beach was founded in 1957.


Seen were Ambassadors from Peru, Hungary, Switzerland, Denmark and Afghanistan, Newporters Mikki Micarelli and Janine Atamian, financier Wilbur and wife Hilary Geary Ross, and Lady Henrietta Spencer - Churchill.  


                                                        --  L.P.


Photo credit:  Capehart

For further information about the work of The International Red Cross , go to


FLOTUS Melania Trump & POTUS Donald Trump on the dance floor


 Herme Di Wyman Miro & Veronica Atkins


Hilary Geary Ross & Wilbur Ross



John & Carolyn Yurtchuk



Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill



Martin & Audrey Gruss


Mei Sze and Jeff Greene


Newporters Janine Atamian & Mikki Micarelli


Patrick Park & Bonnie Mcelveen-Hunter



Patrick Park & Janet Cafaro


Patty Myura, Patrick Park, Janet Cafaro



Applauding President Trump and Melania Trump


President Trump greets Janet Cafaro


Speaking of the Red Cross's work


Ambassador Carlos and Consuelo Pareja, Peru


Ella Rosberg and Ambassador Lars Gert Lose,Denmark


Ambassador Martin and Anita Dahinden, Switzerland, Ambassador and wife of Afghanistan


Kathryn & Leo Vecellio












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