Recalling the Tumultuous 1960’s with Photographer Elliot Landy

 A sit-in in Washington, D.C.


As a special lecture at the 7th Annual Newport Antiques Show, author and photographer Elliot Landy recalled the era of political and social dissent of the late 1960’s in graphic, and often disturbing, images. 


Jessica Hagen introduces Mr. Landy

Sit-ins, riots, civil disobedience were rife in that era, which photographer Landy chronicled and preserved. Many of these images were graphic, with many anti-war movements and societal changes captured

Dissent was in the air then, and Mr. Landy’s photos, which decorated the booth of Jessica Hagen Fine Art at the Antiques Show, caught them for posterity.  Ms Hagen, herself a native of Woodstock, New York, introduced Mr. Landy, and talked about his book of images and their impact. 


Elliot Landy narrates the slide show

As his image taking moved from the civil rights movement and civil disobedience to love children and the singing stars of the era, he fell in with Janis Joplin,  Jimi Hendrix,  Jim Morrison,  Bob Dylan and the Canadian group, The Band, chronicling them in performance and at rest. As a friend of producer Clive Davis, his rock associations grew.

Celebrities were often in on the act and action, and they appear in his book-- Marlene Dietrich, Faye Dunaway and others-- Elliot Landy Photographs 1967-1969, from which the lecture images were drawn.

It was a journey back to a stunning period of time on the eve of the 48th anniversary of Woodstock.


                                                              -- L.P.
All screen images by Elliot Landy


Mounted police in New York City await protestors


Faye Dunaway arrives at an event


Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton arrive


Marlene Dietrich emerges from under a table




Janis Joplin relaxing



Jim Morrison, of The Doors


The Band, a Canadian Rock group


 A period-inspired  shot of The Band


Bob Dylan onstage


Bob Dyan relaxing at home



Woodstock, 1969












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