Portraiture as an Historic Presence at Preservation Society Summer Gala

Co-chairs Dory Hamilton Benson, Amy Berkowitz, Dr. Holly Bannister & John Peixinho

Forebears looked down from the walls of the tent, those who shaped Newport's legacy and  history, and were remembered and honored on a Newport evening.

Charlotte Marshall,  Andrea Ahearn & Adrianne Glascock

Entitled “Portraits and Patrons”, the always sold out summer Gala of The Preservation Society of Newport  reached out to, and honored both
its past heroes and present patrons in a beautifully conceived evening at Chateau-sur-Mer.


"Portraits and Patrons" celebrated and displayed dozens of paintings taken both from the Preservation Society's collection as well as from the private collections of  individuals long-involved with the Preservation Society and the Newport community.


Holt Massey & Sandra Ourosoff Massey admiring the paintings


Greeted inside Chateau-sur-Mer by the co-chairs, Dr. Holly M. Bannister, Mrs. Dorrance (Dory) Hamilton Benson, Mrs. Mortimer (Amy) Berkowitz II, and Mr. John M. Peixinho,  guests went on to two mammoth tents gracing the grounds, as guests avoided raindrops, and became their own legacies, as they sat inside a large golden frame for a picture resembling an historic painting.

David Thalmann & Mrs. Edward E.P. (Lynda) Lindh

Inside the adjoining dinner tent, an astounding place lined with actual copies of portraits of many of Newport’s historic figures, the dinner tables were set.  Displayed were portrait copies of Cornelius Vanderbilt II by John Singer Sargent, , Robert Walton Goelet at age 6 a portrait of the Honorable Gearge Peabody Wetmore, owner of Chateau-sur-Mer in his ballroom, and a lively portrait of Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney in costume, among many others from the collection of the Preservation Society.


The restored library in Chateau-sur-Mer


After the crowded tent and cordial cocktails, the sumptuous dinner was served in spacious splendor, and there was dancing to the sounds of Bob Hardwick’s Orchestra.

A long tented corridor for guests

Dress was elegant, the guests represented many generations, as friends , benefactors and supporters greeted each other with pleasure, honoring and supporting the work of The Preservation Society.



Funds raised by the event are dedicated to the restoration and maintenance of the Preservation Society's collection of historic house museums, landscapes and decorative arts. For information, go to www.NewportMansions.org


Ron Slingerland, Mikki Micarelli,  Bill & Sue Metzger


Ruth Buchanan arrives




Molly, Guillaume & Tenley de Ramel


A trio in the cocktail tent


Posing for a "Gilded Age" portrait







Richard Crisson, Elizabeth Kahane, Rod O'Hanley & Ms. Roberts

Martha Hunnewell &


A dashing crowd in the cocktail tent



Carol Williams, John Brooks & Angela Moore


Ernst & Nancy Roth, Karen Bevan


Friends with Elizabthe McMillen, Monty & Richard Burnham


Ted & Tara Winston


Janet and a bemused Toby Pell


The portrait lined dinner tent


Beautiful ceiling gobo


Lillian & Robert Chapman


? Sheldon & Sandra Whitehouse, Vivien Spencer


Jim Gaffney, Trudy Coxe, Mary van Pelt & Beverly Little


Angela, Chad, Garry & Brooke Fischer



Genevieve Parker & Dayton Carr


William Amber, George McNeely & Nick Bell


Charles & Adrienne Scheffne



Janine  Atamian


James Gaffney & Alice Lynch


The stunning crowded cocktail tent



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