Photography as High Art: Newport Comes To Palm Beach


Photographer NIck Mele, Gloria & Jimmy Marcus


In Paris, family businesses and enterprises are often named Pere et Fils.  At a gallery in Palm Beach recently, the artistic enterprise was “Mere et Fils”, as Victoria Mele and Nick Mele, mother and son, showed their photographic works at a vibrant exhibit the EMKO Art gallery.


Photographer Victoria Mele with flora

NewPalmers got the word via Facebook and other communications, and were at the opening reception in numbers, viewing the  artistry (and could we say burgeoning photographic dynasty?) of the Meles.


Victoria Mele' s exquisite large images of various flora and nature were complemented by Nick Mele's photos of people, places, interiors and activities.


Theodora Aspegren, Lisa Aldridge-Vilnes & Victoria Mele


The Meles, daughter and grandson of Marion “Oatsie “Charles, a reigning grand dame of the Newport and Newport Society they inhabit, while documenting plant and place, and the world in which they live and work.


Merrilyn Bardes Letitia Lundeen & Dale Tatum Mercer

NewPalmers who congratulated the Meles and oohed and aahed over the imaginative images included paterfamilias Dr. Joe Mele, Janet and Toby Pell, Rochelle Ohrstrom, Dale Tatum Mercer, Merrilyn Bardes, Kathleen Beckett and Pamela O’Connor.    


                                               --Linda Phillips



For information about EMKO Galleries, go to



Rochelle Ohrstrom, Melissa Psitos & Kathleen Beckett



Lucy Webster, James Coleman & Lisa Nolan


Althea Cheatham, Brittain DAmigard & Mary Brittain Cheatham


Mary Underwood & Fiona Drummond


Dack & Hilary Patriarca, Kent Anderson


Kathleen Beckett & Janet Pell


          Molly Mele & Melissa Psitos



Elizabeth Leatherman  & Gail Cooke


Kent Anderson & Mary Brittain Cheatham



Joe Mele, Thomas Schoch & Sally Monks




The striking EMKO room


An adjoining exhibit


Friends congratulating Nick & Vicotira Mele


Maurice Yalin &  Reverend Timothy Cogan


Toby Pell and friends


Jay & Frances Knobel, Dusty Pearsall & Liz Dunn


Lounging in Ralph Lauren


Debra Levasseur & Danny Miller


Ingrid Anderson & friend


Elizabeth Leatherman, Betsy Turner & John Firestone


An intriguing poster at EMKO


Nick Mele's photograph of his grandmother, Oatsie Charles, at home


Catalogs of the Meles' works

To purchase an image, contact Linda(a)  All images copyrighted 











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