Opera House Takes Performance to The Audience

Jessica Gianfrocco, Host James Day &Bill Tuttle


We can’t call it “taking it to the streets”, but the Newport Opera House, now under ambitious restoration, took it to the Bellevue Avenue mansions, as the staff staged a recital at Swanhurst by gifted soprano Diana McVey.


Susan Sipprelle & Emlen Drayton

After cocktails in the garden, Ms. McVey, a lovely blonde with a thrilling voice, sang both operatic arias and a show tune or two for the audience of supporters. From "Musetta's Waltz" to Gershwin's "Someone to Watch Over Me", her renditions were lovely


Hosts James Day and Susan King greeted guests to the restored mansion, years ago the scene of a Newport Showhouse, sponsored by the now inactive Newport Showhouse Guild.


Cynthia Sinclair with Tom Hockaday & Bill Martin


According to Liz Drayton, the Newport Opera House is showing its future audiences the type and quality of the performances that it will host upon completion of the historic building on Washington Square. In

the meanwhile, watch for outstanding performances elsewhere.


Deb and Dan Fattibene

Seen were Executive Director Brenda Nienhouse, board member Tom Hockaday, Chairman of the Board Allison Vareika declared the Opera House "in the home stretch", adding that "the train has left the station."

Seen were George Moore, Linda Purdy, Corinna Britten, Steve Lewinstein, Jessica Grianfrocco and Emlen Drayton.


                                                                                     -- L.P.


For information on upcoming events and the Newport Opera House, go to operahouse theaternewportri.org



A seat for endowment at The Newport Opera House


Nancy Bean & George Moore


Dennis Williams, Linda Purdy & Stuart Bevan


Tricia Murty, Corinna Britten & Deirdre Murty


Hors d'oeuvres on the grass


Rosanne Williams & Steve Lewinstein




The entrance hall to Swanhurst


Brenda Nienhouse welcoming the audience



Allison Vareika citing the Opera House's progress


Michelle Beaton accompanies Ms. McVey in "Someone to Watch Over Me"


Ms. McVey sings directly to the guests


Blowing a post-performance kiss



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