Music Luminaries King and Renzi Strike "Another Note"


Mike Renzi and Nicolas King perform

"But you come from little Old Rhode Island, and little Old Rhode Island is famous for you."


Drawing every fan of "The Great American Songbook" in the area of Delray Beach, Florida, Singer Nicolas King and pianist Mike Renzi introduced their new CD "On Another Note" to the crowd of eager aficionados.  The Arts Garage was their venue, the music resounding on the street.


Nicolas King accompanied by bassist Paul Shewchuk

And what music! Nicolas King, a singing star since childhood Broadway show appearances, has become a mature interpreter of the genre, which speaks of love, love lost, longing, rebounding, joy and life.His program followed a narrative of a young man dealing with situations that arise in his life, and comprised a few little known songs by the composers Cy Coleman and Johnny Mandel, moving to such favorites as "I Love a Piano" and "I Should have Saved that Leftover Dream", matching the mood of each selection.

Mr. Renzi played two  classical riffs, from Debussy's Claire de Lune to Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, which showed his versatility and incredible technique.  Bassist Paul Shewchuk and percussionist Julie Jacobs aided and abetted the duo when appropriate.


Spontaneous applause for the young singer

The audience simply loved the delivery of the young singer, who seems to live the songs, and lined up afterward for congratulations, and to obtain a signed CD.


Fresh from New York's Birdland,  Nicolas King appears at jazz clubs in New York City, and has performed on The Tonight Show, and  was the featured artist at the Legends Radio 2015 gala.  Mike Renzi is an award-winning pianist, arranger, and musical director, best known for his collaborations with some of the legends of pop-jazz singing - notably Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga, Peggy Lee, Lena Horne, Mel Torme, and Jack Jones. Mr. Renzi a seven-time Daytime Emmy-winning composer for the TV shows "Sesame Street" and "All My Children".


Seen at the performance's rowdy "afterglow" were Angela Bacari, Nicolas' grandmother and coach, parents Eric and Christine King (she orchestrating the CD signing), "Legends Radio" founder Dick Robinson and wife Sally, Stephen Sorokoff, Rob Russell (of the Colony Royal Room in Palm Beach) and Little old Rhode Islanders Tony Regine, Marilyn Woloohojan ( of the Board of the Newport Music Festival), Frank Prete and Denise DeCaro.


                                                                             --Linda Phillips


'On Another Note" is available on & 

Standing ovation at the performance's end


Rob Russell gives the performance a thumbs up


The singing star autographs his CD's


Paul Shewchuk & Mike Renzi


Rob Russell, Sally Robinson & Frank Prete



Nicolas King, Dick Robinson & Eda Sorokoff


Denise DeCaro


Eda Sorokoff, Angela Bacari & Jill Smalley


Newport's Dr. Tony Regine & Donna Coia


Frank Prete & Angela Bacari


Christine King, Nicolas King & Frank Prete


Marilyn Woloohojian & Mike Renzi


Art at the Arts Garage


The lobby at Arts Garage


Nicolas King projected on the wall



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