Oliver Hazard Perry, Ship and Naval Hero, Honored in Newport

Bart Dunbar with Henry Wilson & Nick Jaccaci

In a weekend of festivities honoring Newport's own hero of the Battle of Lake Erie Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, the SSV named for him was displayed and officially launched, and an art exhibition depicting Perry was opened with a reception at The Redwood Library. It was naval history reverberating in the 21st century.


The 196-foot, three-masted, square rigged tall ship, still under construction and designated by the legislature and the Governor of Rhode Island as the state’s official “Sailing Education Vessel,” will be the largest civilian sail training vessel in North America, and the first oceangoing full-rigged ship to be built in the U.S. in over 100 years. It is Newport's own "Tall Ship".


Vice Admiral Thomas Weschler with his son Tom, of Woodstock, VT

Celebrating at a dinner dance at Newport Shipyard, OHPRI Chairman Emeritus Vice Admiral Thomas Weschler was cited by Chairman Bart Dunbar, as guests went aboard the ship on a perfect evening. Vice Chairman of OHPRI Perry Lewis, a dedicated advocate of the ship's restoration and its future use as a classroom.


Guests included Elizabeth Lewis, Kit Wechsler (the Vice Admiral's daughter), Captain Richard Bailey with granddaughter Elinore, Diana Oehrli and Lisette Prince, former Governor of Rhode Island Donald Carcieri and wife Sue, Marion "Oatsie" Charles and Captain Nicholas Brown. A trio sang and played salty vintage sea chanties during the cocktail hour. The atmosphere was complete.



Ron Machtley, Kit Weschler, Kati Machtley, Sandra & Roger King

The dining tent

Judith & David Enstone

Tim & Barbara Reed

Conrad Tea & Laura Flynn

Jana & Don Jagoe

Elinore Bailey & Richard Bailey

Tom & Lisa Goddard aboard the SSV Oliver Hazard Perry

Flags & burgees

View of Newport Shipyard from the deck of the Oliver Hazard Perry

Kate & Toby Field aboard ship

Steve Heck, Tom Pascarelli & Tom Zechar played for the party

Richard & Barbara Bohan

C.R. Perry Rodgers, Toni Tracy, Sandy Henry & Buzz Schofield Mr. Rogers

is a descendant of Oliver Hazard Perry

The happy guests

  Friends with Dayton Carr


Dayton Carr with Vice Admiral Weschler

Patricia & Philip Bilden with Deirdre & Dave Guertin

Oliver Hazard Perry's famous quote

Steve McGowan  with John MacGowan (no relation)

Steve Fielding  & Christine McDonald

Sue & former Governor Donald Carcieri arrive

Oatsie Charles

Lisette Prince, Diana Oehrli & David Thalmann

Sue & Don Carcieri with Ron & Kari Machtley

Perry Lewis, of the OHP initiative

Governor Carcieri, Captain Nicholas Brown & Ron Machtley, Pres

of Bryant Univerity

Maya & Mattie

Mary Spotts & friends checking in guests



Redwood Honors Newport Naval Hero


After the official dedication by Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts at Fort Adams on Saturday, the Redwood Library hosted a reception for its exhibition, which featured the famed Jane Stuart portrait and other objects and artworks, many owned by local residents, and loaned by such institutions as Brown University, the Birmingham Museum of Art, the Naval War College, Perry Lewis, the Rhode Island Historical Society and the U.S. Naval Academy. Executive Director of the Redwood Jennifer Tuleja  stated that the Library was honored to celebrate the America hero of the War of 1812, who will forever be remembered for his command "Don't Give Up The Ship!"


                                                         -- L.P.


For further information on the SSV Oliver Hazard Perry go to www.OHPRI.org


Jacket worn by Oliver Hazard Perry

George Herrick, scholar

Statue of Oliver Hazard Perry

Commemorative banner

Perry & Elizabeth Lewis

Terry & Rick Grosvenor with Ginny Purviance

Graham Boettcher, Curator of American Art, Birmingham Museum
Trudy Coxe & Henry S. Lynn, Jr.

Bart Dunbar examines documents and memorabilia

Carol & David Brodsky with Redwood Board President Garry Fischer

Bert Lippincott with Nanette Herrick

Kimberly Skeen, Jennifer Tuleja & Ruth Taylor

Perusing a historical document

Angela Fischer & Paul Miller

Friend with Elinore Bailey & Richard Bailey

Mrs. Lynne Hunter White

Kimberly Skeen & Steve Walk

Steve Walk, Richard Grosvenor, Virginia Treherne-Thomas

Bill Vareika, Ronald Lee Fleming, Bart Dunbar & Lisa Lewis

Nanette Herrick with Bernard & Sarah Gewirz

Christy Elwell with Kimberly Skeen

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