New England Flavor, Antiques to Savor at Newport Antique Show

Melanie Delman & Kim Doherty, "Ladies of Lila"

The sea surged as its theme, and in its 7th year, the Newport Antique Show continued to be the premier antiquarian event in our area This year an exhibition from Historic New England drew particular interest, full of documents and Newport memorabilia. Forty-two dealers from around the country participated, and the lecture series, begun last year, included Jessica Hagen on art in interior design, and ??


Under the skilled (and rather brilliant) management of Diana Bittel, and Show founder Anne Hamilton, the show drew discerning Newporters and multi-state visitors who love the rare and the fine, which were abundantly on display at the Preview Party, always a "must" event.


William Vareika and Roger King, Newport art dealers of great note, had offerings that graced the show: Forty-two dealers participated. with books and bibelots, paintings, sculptures, ceramics and silver.


The very busy check in table

The opening night party was THE party of late summer, and drew both serous seekers, and those who love an elegant event. To the strains of the Lois Vaughn Trio, the crowd (should we say elegant horde?) of celebrants spoke with each other, admired the offerings, were served tasty hors d'oeuvres, and enjoyed a tempting  buffet.


Seen were Co-chairs Eaddo Kiernan, Brittain Bardes, Norey Cullen & Brittain Bardes & Kate Gubelmann.  Founder Anne Hamilton was a busy hostess to the hundreds, including husband Matt, Captain Nicholas and Diane Brown, Victoria Mele, Ruth Taylor of the Newport Historical Society, Ronald Lee Fleming, John and Jae French, Happy and Andrea van Beuren, Melanie Delman and Kimberly Skeen. Karl Nold of Historic New England spoke knowledgably with guests and the dstinguished group of dealers.


A screen honors William Vareika's sponsorship

The Newport Antiques Show benefits two important service organizations, the Newport Historical Society and The Boys and Girls Club. The show ran for three days, with the lecture series on Saturday and Sunday. Altogether rare.

                                                                                   -- L.P.




Eaddo Kiernan, Norey Cullen, founder Anne Hamilton,
 Brittain Bardes, & Kate Gubelmann

Happy van Beuren and daughter Andrea van Beuren

The warm entrance hall

Roger and Sandra King with Betty Santos

The Alexander ladies:  Lisa Goddard and mother Hope Alexander

Douglas & Mary Riggs with Woody Woodworth

Jae French with friends

Friend, Kristin Parella & Oliver Beavers

Lew and Trudy Keen

Ruth Buchanan & friend

Karl Nold of Historic New England with Holt Massey

Antique maps

Lucien Forbes II with Kimberly Skeen

Holly Bannister

Kimberly Skeen,  Holly Bannister,  Anne Hamilton & friend

Young volunteers

 Victoria Mele & Anne Hamilton

Allison Vareika, Ron Fleming, friend & Bill Vareika

The crowded central Hall

Ken & Marilyn Brockway with friend

An Aaron Shickler sketch of the famed portrait of President

John F. Kennedy

Newport Historical Society Director Ruth Taylor with friend

Kathleen Nesbitt Cullen with Holt Massey & Sandra Ourosoff

Gentleman  with Sharon & Bill Wood Prince

Dodo Hamilton with friends

Beautiful botanical prints

The crowded hall

Barbara Bohan & Leslie Grosvenor

Friend with Matt Hamilton

Don Ross & Mary van Pelt

Nick Mele, photographer

Teddy Aspegren & Robert Bailey

David Reed, Richard Crisson, Jocelyn & Buck Sherman

Jae & John French

Susan Ross & Richard Crisson

Bernard & Sarah Gewirz with  friend

Matt Hamilton & MIchael Hayes

Tom Goddard, guest  & George Herrick

Mohamad Farzan with Monty & Richard Burnham

Stuart Bevan, Diane & Captain Nicholas Brown

Happy Collectors

Eugene & Ann Roberts with Pauline Metcalf

Friend with Miss Vareika

Admiring a cabinet

Roger King & Earl McMillen

Bill & Kate Lucey

Eleanor & Herb Anderson

Ginny Purviance with lecturer Jessica Hagen

Introducing Jessica Hagen, art dealer

The engaged audience included Brenda Calkins & sculptor

Anne Mimi Sammis

Jessica Hagen takes artworks into homes

Exterior sculpture on a Newport home

 A garden sculpture

Applauding the presentation

Architect Ross Cann with Jessica Hagen

A beautiful booth

The Newport Historical Society's corner

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