Just "Dandy" at RISD Exhibition Gala

Betty Easton and Rick Bready at the pre-dinner champagne


Did  Beau Brummell start it all? Or was it ancient Kings and Pharaohs of Egypt, France, the Orient? What did Cheops wear?

Sartorial splendor, male rebellion, ostentation, fabric, art, and personal fashion statements are all on display at RISD Museum's Chace Center in the exhibition "Artist/Rebel/Dandy", honoring centuries of male couture, garb, and style. Vogue Magazine contributing editor Andre Leon Talley was special guest at the stylish Gala for the opening. Mr. Talley had earlier in the day signed copies of his new book, The Little Black Dress.

The exhibition opened with a champagne gala dinner, and the costumes were just, well…… dandy. Included were tartan tuxedos, tall hats, vintage Christian LaCroix and more contemporary garb for the ladies on the black tie evening. Very few socks were donned by gentlemen in attendance.

It's a ground breaking exhibition—drawn from the RISD collection and loans from other national and international organizations and private individuals —the RISD Museum celebrates the dandy, tracing the variety of ways in which this personality has blazed through two centuries and investigating where he resides today.

Rather than following strict definitions, "Artist/Rebel/Dandy" features myriad permutations of the dandy’s style and persona, from the discreet sophistication and consummate elegance of Beau Brummell (1778–1840) to the romantics and revolutionaries of today—including Rick Owens, Patti Smith, Ouigi Theodore, and Waris Ahluwali, and loans from other national and international organizations and private individuals.
The deft workmanship and particular style of a tailor or designer features alongside representations of the personalities who wore these garments—as seen in portraits, caricatures, fashion plates, fashion photography, and media representations. Likewise, representations of dandies—from George IV to Oscar Wilde and Iké Udé, and from Lord Byron to Sebastian Horsley and Sruli Recht—are grounded in the concrete and tactile nature of the clothing itself.


RISD design student Elise Pelletier in her own creation, with

 Waris Ahluwali

"Artist/Rebel/Dandy" is accompanied by an illustrated book (Yale University Press, 2013), with essays by exhibition curators Kate Irvin and Laurie Brewer, fashion historian Christopher Breward, and Barnard College English Professor Monica L. Miller; a preface by menswear designer Thom Browne; and “musings” on artist-dandies by 15 contributors, including Glenn O’Brien (Beau Brummell), Patti Smith (Charles Baudelaire), Merlin Holland (Oscar Wilde), Horace Ballard (W. E. B. DuBois), and Scott Schuman (Luciano Barbera).

The guests at the Gala, who included Iké Udé with Jean Shatiroff, Co-chairs Sarah Gargano and Katherine Glendinning,  Quintessence blog editor Stacey Holston Bewkes, Rick Bready and Betty Easton, Mark Streisand and wife, and several RISD students, who were themselves quite fashionably attired, and taken with the exhibition. Speaking to every was designer Guy Hill, himself quite nattily attired.


                                                         -- Linda Phillips

Artist/Rebel/Dandy wil be on display until August 18. For information and hours, go to www.RISDMuseum.org



Artist/Rebel/Dandy is supported by the Coby Foundation, Dr. Joseph A. Chazan, Jake Kaplan’s Jaguar, Brooks Brothers, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Granoff, Ms. Karen Hammond and Mr. Michael Quattromani, Ms. Carol Nulman, Mr. Mark Pollack, the RISD Museum Associates, and the* Artist/Rebel/Dandy* Leadership Committee.


Sarah Gargano, Andrew Yamato & Lani Stack

A moving image of male fashion

Co-chair Katherine Glendinning & Susan Eides

Dr. Joseph Chazan & wife

Tom Ryalls & Kirsty McDougall

The Brothers Mueller in tartan plaid tuxes

The Brothers Mueller with Lucas Roy (c.)

Ms. Gargano & Ms. Glendinning with?

Carol & Don Jones

Joseph Correia & Irene Lawrence

Talya Kashmanian & Geoffrey Lewis

Patrick McDonald in vintage Christian Lacroix

Jean Shatiroff & painter Iké Udé

Co chairs with Marc Streisand

Enjoying champagne at The RISD Museum Chace Center

Stacy Holston Bewkes of Quintessence  with Tina & Brian Owen

Ines Elskop, Nicholas Scholz & Christopher Schold

Brian & Tina Owen, Ewa & Krystyna Metcalf on the Red Carpet

Beau Brummell, the quintessential dandy

Elizabeth & Gardner Lane

Gentleman's suit by Guy Hills

Designer Guy Hills with a dressing gown of The Prince of Wales

Fred Astaire, Artist and Dandy

An array of fashionable plaids

Discussing works by Iké Udé

Tail coats in the exhibition

Historical notes on gentlemen "Dandies"

Lani Stack & friend speaking with Guy Hills

Stills from the film "The Picture of Dorian Gray"

Gwen Farrelly, Olympia Arco & Jean-Christoph Napoleon

Gentlemen's style through the ages

Sketch of Dandy, Mr. ??

? Andy Warhol, and &, famous Dandies

The Dandy in fashion magazines, presented as a coffee table

Author and editor Andre Leon Talley arrives in metallic gold,

with Marc and Iveth Streisand

Guests en route to dinner

RISD student Taylor Colantonio  & Matthew Foley, of Thom Browne,

contemporary men's clothing designer












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