IMC''s "Nuit Blanche", A Midsummer Night's Dream in Newport

Peggy Mulholland, assistant, John Sawicki, Event designer,

host Ron Fleming & John Brooks, Chairman of IMC Board

Imaginative and mystical, Island Moving Company's "Nuit Blanche", an evening of vignette performances, was held at Newport's Bellevue House, once the home of Jane Pickens and Walter Hoving, an exuberant celebration of the arts. Modeled after its Parisian counterpart, the evening came together like a mystical art circus, with gongs and a marching Dixieland-style band of jesters leading the 450 guests from one performance area to another.


The gardens themselves are magical and mysterious, and the dance sequences included a pas de deux with a dive into the pool, while an opera singer was warming up in another part of the gardens. The entire event was the exquisite interplay between purposefulness and whimsy, luring people to what was around the corner? and where would the Tin Pan Band lead them next? Opera near a garden house, a dancer with lights within a gazebo, a jazz band marching through to the next event, and a mysterious gong signaling a "happening."


Artistic Director Miki Ohlsen & Randal Poirier

The gigantic tent was magnificently decorated by John Sawicki, with help from designer Peggy Mulholland. Emlen Drayton served as auctioneer, and dancers gyrated to the Tin Pand Band from New York (previously, the jesters), and tout Newport was there. A "Nuit Blanche Shoe" competition, judged on appropriateness for the event and terrain, encouraged best feet forward, and was won by Janine Atamian.


Assistant Mayor of Newport Naomi Neville followed John Brooks' talk on the ongoing development of IMC with a proclamation that the day was "Ronald Lee Fleming Day" in Newport.


Mary & Gary Bliss Garabedian with Ellen Barnes


Seen were Island Moving Company Director Dominique Alfandre, Chairman of the Board John Brooks, Board members Ellen Barnes, Brenda Calkins, Joan Martin, and Congressman David Cicilline. The consensus the morning after (e mail and Facebook flurries attested) was that "Nuit Blanche" was one of the "best events we'd ever been to".


                                                             --Linda Phillips


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Dancer by the pool


Margot & Richard Grosvenor with Alloe Stokes

Frank & Kate Spinella

IMC dancer Jose Edwin Gonzalez & patron Jana Jagoe

Jim Gaffney & Trudy Coxe

Blazing the trail to the next vignette, Tin Pan Band

Brenda Calkins & Joan Martin, of the IMC Board

Oliver Beavers, Jana Jagoe & Elizabeth Brooks

Shane Farrell, Katie Moreland & Brooke DiFrancesco: the Three Graces

An arcade walk at Bellevue House

The Three Graces performing

Janine Atamian, winner of the "Nuit Blanche Shoe"

contest for the balletic allusion

Alyce Wright & Russell Taby

Emcee Emlen Drayton sells his trousers for $800

Host Ronald Fleming being flown

Cheryl & Harry Mrozowski

Congressman David Cicilline

Naomi Neville announces "Ronald Lee Fleming Day" to

John Brooks, Mr. Fleming & his daughter Siena

John Brooks & Susan Stautberg

Designer John Sawicki & Mikki Micarelli cut the proverbial


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