Holiday Parties! Chic, Fun and for a Cause

Linda Butler and Steven Kinnane celebrate

It began in a veritable blaze the weekend before Thanksgiving:  the winter pary season was upon us,  with an early  Wine Tasting benefiting the Newport YMCA,  then four-in-one-night (it IS Newport, after all)  starting  at Linda Butler's lovely design studio in Portsmouth, where she was showcasing the work of emerging young furniture designer  Stephen Kinnane, and greeting artists, friends and clients with champagne and the best stuffed mushrooms Newport Seen has every tasted.  Glimpsed were Libby Gilpatric, attorney Billy Crawford, the "Ladies of Lila" Melanie Delman, Geer Messinger, and Robin Nicholson, designers, and other friends of the hostess..  Ken Alves and son son Ryan Alves acted as host and doorman, and the mood was festive.


Melanie Delman with Gail Cookson

Ryan and Ken Alves, with Dabba Stern

Discussing design details

Furniture maker Stephen Kinnane

Jackie Sexton & Robin Nicholson, one of the "Ladies of Lila"



On to Bellevue Avenue and  across-the hall parties at Jessica Hagen Gallery, where the reception for her Annual Holiday Show  was underway, and the crowd of art lovers was quite dense.  Shopping and looking were Daniel Burns, artist Rita Honnen,  Jessica's husband Whit Hill,  very dapper, and Charles Shengler from Chile, who works for Forbes Magazine, and was practicing his English.  The jewelry collection rivaled the accessible, smaller art works, many of which will be found wrapped under Christmas trees.


Jessica Hagen & Elizabeth Leatherman

Marilyn Mainelli & Rita Honnen

Linda McGoldrick with Jessica Hagen

Susan Daly of IYRS stopped in

Daniel Burns., Lilly Dick & Tom Eberhardt party-hopping

Sharon Cameron Lawn, Ellen Plunkett & Esther Bernstein


Whit Hill with Dr.& Mrs. Charlie Shoemaker

Lauren Magruder & Alden Tucker

Richard Crisson & Rod O'Hanley were in the holiday spirit

Anne Snyder, Linda Peterson, Laura Flynn & Amy Glashow

at the Jessica Hagen party

Charles Shengler, in from Chile

Fascinating sculptures


Across the hall, Executive Director of The Friends of Ballard Park Colleen McGrath was hosting a book signing by Harry J. Eudenbach of his book "Estate Gardeners of  Newport", which he introduced at a recent Tree Society gathering, and a portion of the profits were  to benefit Ballard Park and its excellent programs.


Lilly Dick, President of the Newport Tree Society was there, and delightful food was being prepared by T.J. McGrath of McGrath Clambakes.  Also seen were Lynne Tungett and Kirby Varacalli, Tom Shevlin, Esther Bernstein, etc.  Hovering between parties, we found Alden Tucker and friend Lauren Magruder in the hallway.


Lillian Dick, of the Newport Tree Society, with Colleen McGrath

Author Harry Eudenbach and Lilly Dick look at a Ballard Park layout

The book!

Delicious hors d'oeuvres in the hall

 Friend,  Tom Shevlin, and Mayor presumptive Steve Waluk

Elizabeth Tiedemann and Peter Garcia at Ballard Park event



Vanderbilt Hall hosted a fundraiser for the Jane Pickens Theater & Events Center called "The Heat Must Go On." See details on our front page story.
















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