Gorey-est Hallowe'en at Redwood Library

Jane Viti, Martha Koziara & Jane Konig

The late Edward Gorey, whose visions of the macabre thrill and frighten (think of the Masterpiece Mystery frontis), was the star at the Redwood Library's Hallowe'en celebration, as actor Gary Martin  presented a slide show of Mr. Gorey's indelible, unsettling black and white drawings, the product of his unique and most unusual imagination.


Beginning as a reception with wine and cheeses, and ending with a
rather magnificent Hallowe'en cake (orange, of course), the afternoon
began with only a hint of what was to come. Many of Mr. Gorey's stories, which include scary narratives and tell tales of children in dire and spooky situations. They frighten while they fascinate and charm. Images and readings from his tales The Gashlycrumb Tinies, Disrespectful Simon, A Story for Sarah, The West Wing, and The Wuggly Ump added to the aura. All were described from a lectern that was decorated with a giant black bat.   (The Bat of Bellevue, perhaps?)

Frankie Hatton in her terrifying mask

Riveted to the program, which had a lot of humor and peculiarity, were Mary and Doug Riggs (Mr. Riggs introduced Gary Martin, who filled in for a detained Rip Irving), Jen Tuleja, Executive Director of the Redwood Library, George Herrick, Paul Szapary, Diana Sylvaria, young Alesandra and James Enright (in wicked costumes), Mariana Mada and Frankie Hatten, who came as a terribly frightening Frankenstein.


                                                                                -- L. P.


Rico Santi with Sally Ryan

A life sized model of a Gorey drawing

Newport Seen's Linda Phillips with Jennifer Tuleja

Alesandra & Enwright James, the youngest guests

Doug Riggs, George Herrick & Mary Riggs

The bat on the lectern

Doug Riggs introduces Gary Martin

Mary Riggs

Edward Gorey in his study

Gary Martin in Gorey's signature fur coat

A Gorey illustration of himself in his fur coat

Spooky story illustration

A child peers out

Alone in the corner with mice!


Spirited away by a Gorey monster

Diana Sylvaria, Paul Szapary & Mary Riggs

Julia Barber

Mariana Mada

Marilyn & Don McManus

Shirley Lally & Mandy Twaddell












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