Ghoulish, Gorey and Ghastly at the Redwood: Which Witch?

Woody Woodworth & Kimberly Skeen-Jones

It was a dark and stormy night, as Newport's own coven of witches, assorted zombies, vampires, hippies, gangsters and ghouls lurked and romped at the historic Redwood Library 's second Hallowe'en party.


Mark Zajac, a Fall River artist, created four standing painted figures, skeletons historically made for funerals called conchitas, that greeted guests on arrival. A vignette of a graveyard in the Van Alen Gallery highlighted the agony of the Dying Gaul, whose image was visited by ravens.


Inspired by the artwork of Edward Gorey, who created the "Masterpiece Mystery" opening images, the décor was both eerie and elegant. The costumes were inventive, and it all became a theater of the macabre. Even the statues donned masks, and a severed hand floated menacingly above the piano keys.


Brian Sullivan

In the Reading Room, partygoers were greeted by a life-sized figure dressed in black velvet and set on a table, as arresting as the "Winged Victory of Samothrace" at The Louvre in Paris, a shocking touch. The Library tables became food stations, as Russell Morin created a feast of Fall edibles.


Cobwebs obscured the books cases and the ceilings in the Harrison Room, crawling with spiders, as on the ceiling a black and white film of the ballet "Dracula" flickered. D.J. Butch spun songs that had everyone dancing the dances of the dead and the living, including Michael Jackson's "Thriller."


Costume prizes were presented by Co-chairman of the Redwood Events Committee Douglas Riggs, with the "most unrecognizable" going to Steve Walk for his impersonation of actor Zach Galifianakis, Susan Watts for the most original, Toby Field for the scariest, and Manny and Mary de Pinho , who took "best couple"  for channeling Edward Gorey and his damsel in distress.


Guess the meaning of this winning costume....


In costume were Garry and Angela Fischer, Miles and Lisa Bidwell, Jane Grace and Rip Irving, Ann Kiker and Jill Yinz, Jana and Don Jagoe, Warren and Barbara Caldwell, Ally Coulter, Matt Parent, Allison Walk, Rico Santi, Diana Sylvaria,  Woody Woodworth and Kimberly Skeen Jones. Ridgely Beck donned a "Spiderman" mask.


As the clock struck twelve, the "witching hour", the macabre dancing continued as the assembled spirits, characters and skeletons slowly  drifted out into the storm.





Rip Irving escorted Jane Grace

Richard and Margo Grosvenor with Rico Santi

 A conchita figure greeted guests

The Dying Gaul in The Redwood's "cemetery"

Manny de Pinho, Susan Watts & Mary de Pinho

Allison & Steve Walk, he channeling Zach Galifianakis

The imposing masked figure

Warren & Barbara Caldwell with Matt Parent

Alex Sellar, Ally Coulter & Matt Parent

Toby & Kate Field were unrecognizable!

Jana & Don Jagoe looked louche

Angela Fischer & Mandy Twaddell looking regal

Ridgely Beck as a superhero

On the dance floor:  Kimberly Skeen Jones

Diana Sylvaria cuts the rug!

Lisa and Miles Bidwell in vintage

Steve & Mary Aronow

A venetian masked lady


Ken and Marilyn Brockway withRico Santi


The costume award winners!


Jill Yinz & Ann Kiker


Tom Eberhardt & Alexandra Philippides


A "Dancing with the Stars" turn


Beth Watson as a flapper & John Almeida


Doug Riggs as Herr Drosselmeyer from "The Nutcracker"


Alexandra Philippides, Garry & Angela Fischer with Daniel Burns


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