"Finding Dad", A Poignant Memoir, Celebrated at Book Signing in Newport

"I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection." -Sigmund Freud


Kara Sundlun with son and Kim Herrlinger



A quest for an unmet father, a World War II hero soon to become a Governor, a "love child" who became an Emmy award winning TV journalist who decides to find and confront him, sound like the ingredients of a driving and dramatic television series, but it was a real life drama, played out in part in Rhode Island.


Author Sundlun with Laurine Boyle

In her dramatic  book, "Finding Dad", Emmy Award winning news anchor Kara Sundlun details the quest for a father whom she had never met, but whose name she knew: Bruce Sundlun. When at the age of 13, she watched a TV news program stating that Bruce Sundlun was a candidate for Governor of Rhode Island, her resolve appeared and her quest began.


Detailed in her touching and relevant memoir, Ms. Sundlun's quest to "find the other half of her" raised awareness of an epidemic in our country: fatherlessness. As TV journalist Mika Brezinski says in the book's foreword, " We are becoming a Fatherless America,….drastically affecting our our homes, health, and, yes, our economy. 43% of children are now living in homes without their fathers." The book is a personal journey through that epidemic.


The stunning window at Swift-Morris Interiors

Hosted by Designer Carol Swift, a reception and book signing was held at Swift Morris Interiors in Newport recently, and a gracious and smiling Kara Sundlun, there with husband Dennis House (and their children, Julian and Helena) chatted with Kim Herrlinger, Linda Lee Butler, Ken Alves, Brownie Warburton,  Jonna Chewning and many others, as the hostess and Roselle McConnell poured wine and served a rather sumptuous buffet. The gentlemen present were as interested in the book's odyssey as the women, and all celebrated the author's journey, and success.         


                                                                        -- L.P.


 To order a copy of "Finding Dad", e mail Newportoffice@swiftmorris.com


Ms. Sundlun & Carol Swift, hostess, comforting Kara's son Julian as Jonna Chewning looks on

Roselle McConnell

Ken Alves, Carol Swift & Linda Lee Butler


Jessica Crimmins and daughter Morgan at the buffet table

 Kara Sundlun describing her journey to Roselle McConnell


Martin Crimmins with Ken Alves


"Really", say Ms. Swift to Kara's son Julian


The collection at Swift Morris Interiors


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