Fifty Shades of Rhode Island at Elegant Newport Antiques Show

Woody Woodworth & Jazmine Souza at the entrance

The forty or more dealer booths, full of magnificent objects, paintings, ceramics and wares (simply the best of the best), became a lively, museum quality setting at the highly anticipated 8th Annual Newport Antiques Show, now a Newport tradition of the highest order. The elegant show has previously raised over $1.6 million for the two organizations it supports, The Newport Historical Society and the Boys And Girls Club of Newport County.


The imposing show's founder, Anne Fritchman Hamilton (Mrs. S. Matthews V. Hamilton, Jr.) of Newport and Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, produced the show with a group of dedicated friends who plan it throughout the winter months in the Philadelphia area. Several attended the gala Opening Night party, co chaired by Brittain Bardes, Norey Dotterer Cullen, and Mrs. Peter D. Kiernan III.


Elizabeth Sulock and friends checking in guests

This year's historic display was entitled "50 Objects That Shaped Rhode Island", and contained such remarkable objects as a Japanese painting of Commodore Matthew Perry, and the plaid shirt of former Governor of Rhode Island John Garrahy. "Fifty Objects" was presented by the Rhode Island Historical Society and the Newport Historical Society. It was a quirky and arresting, across-the-centuries exhibition, encompassing diverse theme such as geography and tolerance. 


Guests at the opening night party were serenaded by the Lois Vaughan trio, served luscious hors d'oeuvres and a delicious buffet by Russell Morin Fine Catering, as they oohed and aaahed over botanical prints, fine paintings from the William Vareika Gallery, fine jewelry, Imperial Books' gorgeous display. and Show Manager Diana Bittel, whose booth drew the connoisseurs.


Lois Vaughn serenading guests


Three  scholarly lectures were given, one a presentation on antique cars and racing in Newport, given by enthusiast Nicholas Schorsch, principal in the development of the new Antique Car Museum, currently under construction on Bellevue Avenue.


                                                             -- L.P.


Gallery owner Jessica Hagen & John Sawicki

Tom & Carol Simjian

Newport Seen's Marion Laffey Fox & Antiques Show founder Anne Fritchman Hamilton

Sharon &  Bill Wood Prince

Jerry & Diana Slocum

Coalport china at Jayne Thompson Antiques

Jeff Davidson, Dale Tatum Mercer & Peter Chick

John Sawicki, Carol & Alan Hodges

Pierre Merle & Howard Christian

Howard Christian

Bill Vareika &

Maureen Donnell & Les Ballard

A gorgeous historic oil

Douglas & Mary Riggs, Morgan Grefe & Karl Nold, of Historic New England

Governor John Garrahy's framed plaid shirt

Kate Leonard & Lynn Creighton

Enjoying refreshments

Peter Madden & Eaddo Kiernan


Holt Massey & Ronald Lee Fleming

Peter Walsh, Peter Kiernan & friend

John Sawicki & Lisa Goddard

Pierre Merle & Leah Cann

Visiting dealers

Richard Crisson & Dorienne Farzan


The Antiques Show committee, in from Philadelphia:  Christine Smith, Michelle Lockwood & Samantha Ellingan


Peggy Richmond & friend


Lew & Trudy Keen


Bill Leatherman & Matt Hamilton


Debbie Grant & Louise Strauss


Andrea van Beuren of newportFILM


Rod O'Hanley


David & Leslie Reed, Dick Brickley & Paul Behan


Kate Field & Kimberly Palmer


Liz Drayton & Florie Everett


Roger King & Jessica Hagen


Susan Killebrew & friend


Mr. & Mrs. Bert Lippincott III



Angela Fischer


Pierre Merle & Tom Goddard


Tara Reilly, Roger King & Bunnie Quinn


Catherine Larsen & Jay Page


Earl & Elizabeth McMillen


Martha Hunnewell with Bernard & Sarah Gewirz


Beautiful botanicals & prints


Eloise Tamer with exquisite jewelry from 3 Golden Apples


Mary & Tom Gilbane


John French tests a chair


Francoise Helme, Sandra Liotus  & Jeanne Knerr

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