Exploding Creativity Marks 44th Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse, Manhattan



Napoleon broods under an articulated ceiling

Decidedly not your mother's Showhouse, the 44th edition of the anticipated annual Kips Bay Designer Showhouse was not held in an architecturally articulated old New York townhouse, but in a new steel clad building. a former garage, narrow and vertical.  The building, on Manhattan's East 61st Street, hosted the designers, and what an arresting Showhouse it was!


A landing by

The rooftop garden

Twenty-one designers brought out their creative arsenals, and the results were absolutely unique, unexpected.  From the first floor entrance done in a stunning shade called "Luytens Blue" (after architect Edward Lutyens) by David Collins Studio with scarlet shaded sconces, designed by Lutyens' granddaughter Candia Lutyens, to upstairs hallway cubicle decorated with with a band of stunted black ceramic flowers on walls and ceiling by Benjamin Vandiver, it was surprising, engaging, thought provoking. 

A "Luytens Blue" upper hallway



Looking up the stairwell of Carlton House

The entryway, done in Lutyens Blue

A favorite was the zanily painted room of Philip Thomas, a paean to his mother's creativity and called "Lady's Lair".  It was the confetti to the Showhouse party, and the room itself was alive, with gorgeous tall windows and rather traditional furniture.

Lady's Lair by Philip Thomas

Philip Thomas with a portrait of his mother

Several more neutral-palette rooms were beautiful and livable:  Suzanne Kasler, a designer in from Atlanta, fashioned a sitting room  in a serene and  muted palette; Alex Papachristidis' dining room, with its light colors and four French doors overlooking the Hotel Pierre, a standout: with its gold luster-glazed hand-thrown gourd by Christo, as was Victoria Hagan's living room with the pow! of a red lacquered fireplace. Then there was the astonishing kitchen (an "I want that!" room) with Lalique panels. designed by Jackie Siriani. Clive Christian installed the appliances, panels and fixtures.


Other standouts were the Napoleon room,  with brooding portraits and black walls by Garrow Kedigian,  and an exquisite back terrace all in greenery. 


Garrow Kedigian Interior

The narrow, curved and kinetic stairway is its own sculptural work of art. And the
sleek bathroom adorned with a large image of Jennifer Lopez (yes, JLo, a former Kips Bay Club kid from the Bronx) surprised and delighted.


JLo, Jennifer Lopez, a former Kips Bay Club member, looks down from a wall

The Kips Bay Showhouses have raised over $20 million for the club, which reaches more than 10,000 young people at 10 locations in the Bronx. Bunny Williams chaired the Showhouse



Designers participating in the Showhouse:

Alex Papachristidis Interiors
Benjamin Vandiver Interiors + Lifestyle, LLC
Clive Christian Interiors
Daniel Richards Design
David Collins Studio
David Kleinberg Design Associates
Eve Robinson Associates
Garrow Kedigian Interior Design
Gil Walsh Interiors
Groves & Co.
Victoria Hagan Interiors
Harry Heissmann Inc.
Hollander Design|Landscape Architects
Kati Curtis Design
Les Ensembliers
Olasky & Sinsteden
Phillip Thomas Inc.
Sawyer | Berson
Suzanne Kasler Interiors
Timothy Whealon Interiors




A creative landing by


Serenity in a bedroom by


A creative table in the bedroom



Bathroom design by Groves & Co.




Victoria Hagan popped her neutral room with red








Suzanne Kasler's lovely living/dining  room




A landscaped patio by





Checking in guests at The Carlton House


The East 61st Street exterior












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