Doris Duke Awards Ceremony Under Watchful Eyes of Topiary Camels

Richard Crisson, Nick Mele & Victoria Mele

They were on watch, the omnipresent topiary camels (live ones were kept by the late owner and philanthropist Doris Duke) at Rough Point, Newport, to assist the 7th Annual Awards ceremony for architectural restoration projects and fine contributions to historic preservation in Newport, the coveted Doris Duke Awards.


This year's accolades went to a Boat house (fittingly, as Newport is surrounded by water), and two wonderful Carriage Houses that were re-envisioned and re purposed with taste and historical accuracy.


Receiving the awards were Samuel and Ann Mencoff for Aloha Landing Boathouse, William and Eve Woodhull for Old Acre Carriage House, and to Salve Regina University for Ochre Lodge Carriage House.


Robert Russell, Sister Jane Gerety & Michael Semenza

Civic minded Newporters on the Seen included Matt Shehan, Chairman of the Historic District Commission, Matt Weintraub, Historic Distric planner, Naomi Neville, Edward Sanderson, Eric Hertfelder, Charles Weishar, Pamela Giroux, Lillian Dick, architect Gail Goff who was cited by the Woodhulls) and husband Peter Goff, Annie Kiker. Sandra Liotus, Dan Snydacker, and scores of others. Marion "Oatsie" Charles, head of the Board, was photographed by grandson, photographer Nick Mele.


A gorgeous tent styled by Richard Carbotti of Perfect Surroundings was hung with chandeliers and followed the season's fashion of white, and the food was served by waiters in berets, with a Gallic  buffet dinner, very atmospheric.


Cynthia Sinclair, Pamela Giroux & Charles Weishar

The Doris Duke Historic Preservation Awards is a joint project between the Newport Restoration Foundation and the City of Newport to celebrate achievements in local historic preservation.


                                                                       -- L.P.



"Ladies of Lila" Robin Nicholson, Geer Messinger & Maddy

Nicholson with event designer Richard Carbotti

Melanie Delman with Pieter & Barbara Roos

Jonathan Stevens, Alexander Hefner & Edward Sanderson

Gail & Peter Goff

The elegant decor

Gisela Rogers with Ross & Leah Cann

Michelle Drum, Dan Snydacker, Kiki Mitchell & Annie Kiker

 with Sandra Liotus

John Tschirch

Philip Bilden & Charlie Riedoff

The check-in table

The car park topiary camels

Frank & Betsy Ray with Charles Weishar

Sarah Hertfelder, Eric Hertfelder  & Alex Allardt

NRF Exec. Director Pieter Roos welcoming guests

Board member Oatsie Charles

Dallas Pell on the couch

Ruth Orthwein, Lisa Goddard & Linda Gordon

Edward Sanderson speaks about preservation

Rod O'Hanley & Judy McLennan

John Tschirch speaks about Preservation Society's award

Alex & Ann Mencoff speak about Aloha Landing Boathouse

Tom Goddard describes the old carriage house renovation

William & Eve Woodhull  accept the award for Old Acre

Carriage House

Assistant Mayor Naomi Neville describes the renovation of

Ochre Lodge

Lilly Dick of the Newport Tree Society

Sister Jane Gerety accepts Salve Regina's award for Ochre Lodge

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