Democrats Turn Out "en masse" to Honor Patrick Kennedy as “Democrat of the Year”

Victorious U.S. Congressman-elect David Cicilline

with Ruth Thumbtzen


Prominent Democrats from around the state gathered in Newport pre-election to honor retiring Congressman Patrick Kennedy as "Democrat of the Year", the award conferred by the Newport Democratic Committee. Putting politics aside (well, almost), the friendly. intimate cocktail reception and seated dinner were filled with good feeling and good cheer as Congressman Jim Langevin, Senator Jack Reed, then- Gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio, former Congressman Ferdnand St. Germain, Mrs. Claiborne Pell, Speaker of the Rhode Island House Gordon Fox, just-reelected Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts, just- elected U.S. Congressman David Cicilline,  Speaker of the House Gordon Fox, former secretary of State Kathleen Connell  and long-term Newport Mayor Bob McKenna and (victorious) State Representative Peter Martin and State Senator Charles Levesque talked, joked and toasted.  Bud Cicilline oversaw the proceedings, and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse was delayed,  sending his regrets.


Charles Levesque with Newport Mayor

Jeanne-Marie Napolitano

An unexpected guest was Mrs. Joan Kennedy, Patrick’s mother, looking lovely in pink, and speaking animatedly with guests. Hugh D. (Yusha) Auchincloss III attended, and the trio was a touching and nostalgic reminder of the glory days of the Kennedy political dynasty.


A short, private meeting of political friends in the "green room" took place  just before the dinner, where Senator Teresa Paiva-Weed and Ed Pacheco, Chairman of the Democratic Party for the state of Rhode Island spoke privately with Congressman Kennedy. 


Senator Jack Reed discussing the election

After the seated dinner, there were the usual tributes to the outgoing Congressman.  Jim Langevin praised him as a leader in disability and mental health issues.  Ed Pacheco cited him as a strong partisan leader, helping other candidates, and Rich LeClair, President and CEO of Gateway Health, thanked him for his help in obtaining a grant for helping with children with autism.  The Congressman's  own remarks were touching and visionary, restating his commitment to neurological science research, and his vow that it will not end when he leaves office. Jimmy Winters provided the dinner music.


Honorary chairpersons were Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Jim Langevin, Senator Jack Reed, Senator  SheldonWhitehouse, Congressman Fernand St. Germain, and Mrs. Nuala Pell.

The evening was a great tribute and going away party for Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy. But Newport Seen  thinks, somehow, he'll stay involved, interested and effective.




Entertainer and Newport police officer

Jimmy Winters



Loyal Democrat with Teresa Paiva-Weed, Gordon

Fox and Frank Caprio

Charles Young with Alison & Bill Vareika

Flutists Gianna Sullivan & Susan Woythaler

Cynthia & Bob Sinclair enjoying the event

Bernice Jasper with Adams & Ruth Taylor

& friend

State Representative Peter Martin with Bob Pollitt, Sr.

Democrats checking in at the Newport Marriott

Freddie St. Germain with Deanna Casey

Past Mayor Bob McKenna & Nuala Pell chat with

Newport Seen

Bud Cicilline, event organizer, with friend

Senator Jack Reed discussing politics

Bud Cicilline with Congressman James

Langevin and Joan Kennedy


"What are the party's chances, Nuala?"


Friend with Joan Kennedy


Joan Kennedy with Ruth Thumbtzen


Wynn Thompson & Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts

Newport Councilman Justin McLaughlin

with Charles Young, smiling for Newport Seen 


Joan Kennedy with Freddie St. Germain


Joan Kennedy, Newport Seen's Linda Phillips

and Freddie St. Germain


Nelson Taylor sported a bow tie


Freddie St. Germain, David Cicilline, Joan Kennedy
& Kathleen Connell, form RI Secretary of State


Noreen Drexel with Tamara Thumbtzen


Russell Jackson with daughter Elizabeth


Frank Caprio with Elizabeth Roberts


Guillaume de Ramel with Teresa Paiva-Weed


Ed Pacheco & Rich LeClair in the Green Room


Honoree Patrick Kennedy with mother, Joan

& Hugh D. Auchincloss, III


Patrick Kennedy gives thumbs-up in "closed

session" welcome


David Cicilline, Peter Martin & friend at the



Tia & Ken Scigulinsky, with Charles Levesque


The speakers table

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