Deblois Gallery, Artists’ Cooperative, Honors African Experience


Two artists celebrating their travels in Africa showed their inspired works recently at the Deblois Gallery on Bellevue Avenue. All proceeds from the sale of the works went to Flying Kites, the organization that is building a children’s center in Kenya to house and educate orphans, of which there are an estimated two million.

Sculptress Valorie Sheehan, who has twice visited the Flying Kites Children's Center in the Abadares Mountains of Kenya, she found herself becoming more deeply connected with a group of 16 children there. while living at the Center, she explained "... it is the children that have captured both my heart and my imagination. As a group they are bright and curious, engaging and funny. Most of all it is their gratitude and their overwhelming sense of gladness and thanks for what they have been given, which inspires me." Sheehan’s sculpturalworks are vessels depicting the children in the guise of saints and biblical prophets, each holding the attributes of that holy person.











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