"Daffinitely" The Best Party of Spring!

"Ah... romance to me is spontaneity. It's not diamond earrings; it's a bunch of daffodils that's freshly picked from the field."-- Kate Winslet


Where else can you see gentlemen in Daffodil hats? Or ladies in dresses that looked like walking gardens?

Cheerful and almost vaudevillian, this year’s opening cocktail event welcomed dignitaries, donors, and…….Mother Nature herself.

Ronald Lee Fleming & Lilyana Milosavgevic

Held at The Chanler, the event featured Chairman John Hirschboeck welcoming guests, along with Mayor  Harry Winthrop, and supporter Ron Fleming, when who should burst through the door but….Mother Nature, extolling the work of the committee and the town itself on the  series of events celebrating the growth of Newport’s daffodil population.


Daffy Days, the Festival, hosted 20 enjoyable events over a nine-day period in April.

Mayor Harry Winthrop, Councilor Naomi Neville, John Hirschboeck & Ron Fleming

Congressman David Cicilline and Councilor Naomi Neville were on hand to support the Daffys.  Also seen were Rep. Lauren Carson,  Janet Coit, who said she feels “like an honorary citizen”, Harle Tinney, Lori Decrescenzo, Candy McDonald, and Leslie Broecking, celebrating the new statistic that 700,000 Daffodils are planted toward the ultime goal of one million. Heavenkt harp music floated above the guests and celebrated the daffodils.



For further information about the Newport Daffodil initiative, go to


Praising the efforts to daffodil-ize Newport


Rep. Lauren Carson, Congressman David Cicilline & Naomi Neville


Congressman Cicilline congratulating Mayor Winthrop


Lauren Carson praises the initiative and success


Janet Coit praises the Festival


Mother Nature praised the Festival, mentioning Earth Day and Arbor Day


Harle Tinney, Polly Lyman & Loriana DiCresenzo


                    Brian Cunha, Bekki Schenker & Nick Gencarella


Friends with Bettie Sarantos


Lovely harp music by Arilyn Mitchell



Brian (Dr. Love) Sullivan & Peggy Mulholland


Ms. Milosavgevic, Mr. Fleming & Leppy McCarthy



Lisa and Sita Valentine


Andrea McHugh  & Kathy Staab


Laura Flynn & Conrad Tea


Bill Martin


Browsing the silent auction




Diana Silvaria & Paul Szapary


Ingrid Coddington, Sarah Peppercorn-Jades & Leslie Broecking, the "hat ladies"



Mother Nature, aka Anne-Marie Forer


Sunset at the Fire Pit


The crowd of "Daffodillions" on The Chanler porch


The check in table with a Daffodil cloth, manned by Mrs. Hirschboeck

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