Celebrating 26 years of Anglophilia at St. Columba’s Garden Party

"Welcome to Hogwarts, young man"

Is it the authentic Devonshire Cream Teas, served on the hour in the Parish Hall of St Columba's Chapel, or the Ladies of The Rolling Pin, dancing in cook’s caps and clapping their pins together?  ( yes, they could’ve come straight out of the kitchen of Downton Abbey.) 

Or perhaps it’s the replication  of Hogwarts in a tent for the children, all Harry Potter fans. ( Yes, there was a witch in a pointed hat going about, played by Kathleen Woodhouse).

Mrs. Mcgonagall of Hogwarts, also know as Kathleen Woodhouse

Then there was the creation of literary floral arrangements on small tea tables  in the magnificent chapel, all (or most) honoring English writers? Represented were Rudyard Kipling and Oscar Wilde.  Or Jeff Richard dressed as a proper Beefeater, going about? A life size cutout of Queen Elizabeth II greeted all at the Chapel door.


Reverend Everett Greene, St. Columba's Rector Reverend Erik Larsen

That only touches on the activities  at the charming outdoor event.  There was a Treasure Trove, jam packed with people, objects and furniture; a Plentiful Pantry selling baked goods;  a plant sale and a book sale, as well as a silent auction, offering various memberships and experiences.

A vignette for Rudyard Kipling

On hand were Reverend Erik Larsen, Reverend  Everett Greene, Liz Drayton, and very devoted church members of the congregation who manned the  tents and proceedings.

All in all, it was jolly good fun, with all proceeds going for the Saint Columba's Episcopal Chapel's good works.



The Treasure Trove was packed with shoppers


Oscar Wilde's works and taste in flowers



The Queen welcomes Newport Seen' Linda Phillips to the Chapel


 The 1:00 p.m. seating for the Devonshire Cream Tea


The Ladies of the Rolling Pin rehearse behind the Chapel


Scones and other baked goodies were available at the Plentiful Pantry


Jeff Richards as a Beefeater












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