Carnegie Abbey Celebrates 10 Years with Caribbean-Style Summer Party

Guests with Brian O'Neill & Peter Taselaar

When Brian O’Neill, owner of the prestigious Carnegie Abbey Club near Newport, Rhode Island, throws a party, it’s a lavish feast with many courses.


For the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Club, a 450- acre sporting estate with luxurious residences and golf, yachting, tennis and a burgeoning equestrian program, Mr. O’Neill fêted members and friends with a poolside reception featuring hand-rolled cigars, a raffle, and a steel drummer, balloons and beach balls, An honor guard of caddies with crossed golf clubs welcomed guests to the upper patio, champagne, a magnificent raw bar not seen in this hemisphere, and a bagpiper at dusk playing “Happy Birthday .”

Ally Coulter, Will Sofrin &  Melanie Delman


Oh, and there was a raffle for prizes, and Bob Burke, the irrepressible owner of Pot au Feu restaurant in Providence, while brandishing a saber atop a pool building,  showed just how the members of Le Club de Saveurs basically decapitate a bottle of champage with a single sword stroke.  The tradition dates back to the soldiers of Napoleon Bonaparte.


Pieter Taselaar, the buyer of Mr. O’Neill’s fabulous estate Oakwood in Newport, and winner of the 2008 Rolex Big Boat Series Melges 32 sailing race, was there with his wife Nina, and he and Mr. O’Neill were in deep discussion.


Jennifer & Rick Schmaeling

The newest residents of the fabulous Tower, Herman and Judith Swarz, smiled and talked with interior designer Ally Coulter, Will Sofrin and Melanie Delman. Members Heather Savoie, Kelly Lambrese, Dr. James and Margaret Nolan, John Qua and Suzanne Shutte, and others were relaxed and happy. Mitch Pozez and Stanley Goldberg laughed with Mr. O’Neill.  Party diversions included a tattoo artist (tattoo temporary, of course), an old-style photo booth where you could pose with a friend, and a firepit to enjoy the peerless sunset.


The bedecked Carnegie Abbey pool

Inside the Club's dining room, a jazz ensemble played, several food stations with glorious offerings wre well attended, and a flat screen TV broadcast a discussion between Mr. O’Neill and the Club’s original developer, Peter de Savary.


The Carnegie Abbey Club hosted the World Leadership Guest Series, bringing speakers such as George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev, and H.S.H. Price Albert of Monaco to Rhode Island to speak and meet with members.


The evening ended with a D.J. and dancing in the bar, and guests received fabulous party favors. It was truly swellagant.


Annie & Bob Burke, Julie Duffy, Tanya & Denny Glass


David & Gilda Piccoli arriving

David & Carolyn Brodsky

Stanley Goldberg, Mitch Pozez & host Brian O'Neill

Hand-rolling cigars by the pool

The "Equestriennes" Caitlin Rex, Sally LaBonte,

Julie Antis & Peggy Nolan

Bob & Ellen Smyth, John & Becky Haase

Karen McNeilly, Amy & Ed Lopes, & Nicole Lucenti

Herman & Judith Swarz


Brilliant colors of the Caribbean!

Joanne & Steven Carlino smile for Newport Seen

Steel drums were de rigeur

Is it the Caribbean or the Carnegie Abbey Club?

Club Manager Carrie Seddon announcing the raffle

Liz Guidone & Jennifer Schmaeling create drama

And the winner is.......

The Swarzes, Ally Coulter & Brian O'Neill

The honor guard of golf clubs

President/Club Manager Denise Eddy with Bob Burke

and his saber

By the pool

Sofia Gineo & Madeleine Savoie

Champage for the toast

A sumptuous raw bar

Guests Dan and Joan Levangie enjoying the party

Peter Taselaar & Brian O'Neill

Ann Orr & Pat Noonan in the photo booth

Heather Savoie with Bob & Ellen Smyth

The firepit

One of Carnegie Abbey's spectacular sunsets

Lory Gilberg, Nina Taselaar & Melanie Delman

The birthday balloons decorate tables

The groaning board

The bagpiper plays "Happy Birthday"

John Qua & Suzanne Shutte join in the celebration

Kelly Lambrese & Linda Phillips of Newport Seen

The band plays on

Bill Antie & Ellen Plunkett

Dusk at The Carnegie Abbey Club

Dr. James Nolan & Kelly Lambrese

Pat Noonan, Dr. Nolan & Ann Orr

On video:  Brian O'Neill & Peter deSavary

Ms. Lambrese gets a tattoo


Jean & Myles McDonough

The late night D.J.

Party favors for guests

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