"Buffetted" By A Record Crowd, Food and Music, IYRS Packs the House

Maggie Vale, Jane Berriman  & Carol O'Malley

The IYRS Newport Campus became a high end auction house and a concert hall (dare we say Margaritaville?) for this year's benefit, with Co-Chairs Earl and Elizabeth MacMillen and the IYRS 400 enjoying a great evening of cocktails, dinner and dancing in Restoration Hall, the Coronet building, and the school's marina. The summer gala is one of Newport's best attended events, and this year in support of the students and their outcomes, the party, Entitled"Master, Craftsman, Builder" celebrated the exceptional art, craft and technology associated with the act of making, building and restoring vessels.


The marina was full of extraordinary vessels of the past and present-from historic motor-yachts of the McMillen Collection, to carbon fiber and the latest in form and function from Hinckley Yachts-- all under the historic theatre of the 1885 schooner yacht Coronet.


Stuart & Donna Robinson with Mary & Tom Gilbane

Cocktails were served in Restoration Hall, where Newport Seen ran into (literally) Maggie Vale, Nina Taselaar, Guillaume de Ramel, Joe Dockery, Carol O'Malley, Sherry and Mark Brite-- we could go on and on! The crowd was escorted into the (mercifully) very air conditioned tent at 7:00 promptly for dinner and the musical entertainment. Star Jimmy Buffet performed shoeless, and Donald Ross and David Ford dressed acordingly, in down home patterned shirts.


The fabulous summer evening was part of a weekend long series of events for dedicated yachtsmen and school supporters. And it raised a record $885,000 for the school's ongoing work.





Robert H. Moore II with Elisabetta Assi

Gear and salt water items in the silent auction

Chuck Townsend, of Conde Nast

The extensive silent auction

Virginia Treherne-Thomas in a lively discussion with

Richard Saul Wurman, founder of the TED, TEDMED and

WWW conferences.

Sharon Caldwell & Mike Burns

Mike Burns & Livoy Dinneen

Kim Herrlinger with Steve Prince

Blondes Beth Bernstein & Kimberly Gonzales

Jorge Menendez scrutinizes a nautical painting

Anne & Matt Hamilton

Lucy & Ray Matthieu

Marilyn Kantor


Robert & Diane Beavers


A gorgeous necklace in sealed bid item, donated by Three

Golden Apples


Sandra & Roger King


Jill Townsend with Richard Saul Wurman


Mr. Del Guidice, Helen del Guidice & Clay & Mrs. Deutsch


Friends with Lyn Comfort


Bonnie Webber, friend, Paul Webber, friend


Buck & Lynn Margold


Tenley & Regis de Ramel, Dory & Dan Benson


Christine & Ned Capozzi with Sharon and Bill Wood Prince


A colorful dinner table


Chris & Tim Meckel, son and father


Earl McMillan, Co-Chair of the Event



Terry Nathan, IYRS President with ? & Joe Paolino


Simon Davidson, Kristal & Joe Dockery, friend


Bette Bearden Pardee


Joe Dockery speaking to guests


The overflow crowd


Dan McDonald with friends


An antic seat decoration


Auction item on screen


Earl & Elizabeth McMillen, Co-Chairs


Making important announcements


Donald Ross dressed Buffett-style


David Ford in the spirit of the evening


Gracing the IYRS campus

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