Biophilia Creator Combines “Art, Science and Nature” For Unusual Exhibit



The term “biophilia” refers to a concept for the desire to know, understand  and love (from the Greek suffix -philia), other forms of life.  That is what the young Christopher Marley did in his childhood in Oregon, bringing home butterflies, frogs and other living creatures.  But what to do after they die?


It is hard to know when the idea to keep them with him arose, but it has turned into what Mr. Marley terms Biophilia, a form combining art, science and history.  His mature works are now on display in the Museum of Amazing Things, and at South Florida's Weiner Museum, as well as specialized exhibitions, like the recent one at the 15th Annual Jewelry, Art & Antiques Show in Palm Beach.


Actually harvesting what the artist claims are non-endangered species of mostly invertebrates such as butterflies and snakes, Marley has extended the idea of the natural history museum with a similar form of taxidermy and preservatives. He also enhances color, and adds iridescence to his creations.


Violeta de la Serna introduces Mr. Marley & Ms. Irvine


What do environmentalists say about this procedure? How are non-endangered species identified? And the eternal question is now raised once again, “What is Art”?


Mr. Marley describes the development of Biophilia

As an interested audience at Marley’s lecture. “Biophilia Defined, A Dialogue with Art, Nature and Science” panel discussion featuring Marley, Louise Irvine and Violeta de la Serna at the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antiques Show heard and saw the history of his vision in slides. Show crowds were looking at his displays (collages of dead insects and small species) and waiting for him to sign his illustrated book, “Biophilia” in the imposing exhibit space, which he did, post- lecture.


Biophilia is on display at TheGallery of Amazing Things in Florida


Mr. Marley was introduced by his publicist Ms. de la Serna, and spoke together with the Director of the Weiner Museum of Decorative Arts, Ms. Irvine, who also commented on the works and their relevance, likening them to works of glass and ceramics.





 A vignette of Biophilia


Colorful butterfies in a collage


A snake, preserved


Butterflies & insects


The audience at Mr. Marley's lecture


Ms. Irvine at her Weiner Museum's table


Butterflies, blue


The impressive display gallery at the Jewelry, Art & Antique show


Mr. Marley autographs "Biophilia"


With a happy book buyer


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