Ballard Park Fundraiser Celebrates Newport's Nature Preserve

And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.
                                                                                                   --William Shakespeare

Judge Terry Houlihan, Teresa Paiva Weed,Pam Houlihan

& Chris Boyle

The trees, sylphs, and wood sprites came from Ballard Park to Holly House for the annual fundraiser for the Park, which was donated to the city by party hosts Carol and Les Ballard. The rain stopped just in time for the lovely party, and guests oohed and aaaahed over wines from Les Ballard's fabled cellar. The astonishing "living" trees once again welcomed guests into the tent, and the hostess was in town to greet her guests!


Newport's civic minded citizens once again turned out to honor the wonderful facility and its interesting array of programs, to listen to the jazzy arrangements of the Ben Shaw Quartet, and to bid on a wide array of silent auction items (including jewelry from Sequin, Isherwood Gallery, Venetucci Home, Michael Hayes, The Linen Shop, Spring Fever, Wag Nation, Laura Jean, Sara Campbell, and House+Garden.


Host Les Ballard, Leslie Grosvenor & Friend

Benefiting The Friends of Ballard Park, a group founded in 1996 to "protect preserve and maintain" the Park, a 13-acre preserve generously donated by Carol C. Ballard in 1990 the party honored her and thanks were givenn to  party Co-Chairs Colleen Quinn and Peggy Richmond.


Enjoying the hors d'oeuvres and camaraderie were Mayor Steve Waluk, Jay Serzan, Diane and Robert Beaver, Michael and Paula Murray,  Martha Hunnewell, Donald Ross, Cheryl Mrzowoski, Elizabeth Leatherman, John Brooks. Councilman Justin Laughlin, Johnny Richmond, Sondra and Roger King Tom Eberhardt, Daniel Burns, Trudy Coxe, Leslie Grosvenor, and David Ford. Colleen McGrath, Executive Director of Friends of Ballard Park, saw, as always, that all ran smoothly.


Hostess Carol Ballard with living tree


Passed hors d'oeuvres were delicious, the music was delightful, and the buffet table was laden with marvels.. Les Ballard's fabled wines were drunk with gusto, as was champagne.




Executive Director of Friends of Ballard Park Colleen McGrath

& Carol Ballard

Jerry & Diana Slocum are all smiles

Sandra King, Jay Serzan & Roger King

The Ben Shaw quartet making music

Michael Murray & Harry Winthrop

Susan & Donald Ross

Statuesque birch tree

John Callaghan & David Ford

Carol Ballard with Edward Williams

Ernst & Nancy Rothe, in from New York

Mary Bush Brown & Lisa Stubbs

Cheryl Mrozowski at the silent auction table

Betsy Ray with Janet & Toby Pell

The groaning buffet table by McGrath Clambakes

Colleen McGrath, Carol Ballard & Colleen Quinn

Janet Pell & Kate Field

Emlen Drayton, Charlie Hayes & George Herrick

Jonathan Pardee & Dick Brickley

John Brooks, Dominique Alfandre, Thomas Palmer &

Cheryl Mrozowski

Barbara Bohan

Michelle &  Tom Shevlin

Cathy Horoschak with Ronald & Lilly Dick

Johnny Richmond & Frank Ray

Elizabeth Leatherman

Toby Field & Martha Hunnewell

Jay Page & Justin McLaughlin

Caroline Considine  & Daniel Burns

Kim Herrlinger, Bill & Nora Johnson

Doris Nemtzow ponders a bid

Stacie Mills & Tom Eberhardt

Images by Newport Seen & Kim Fuller











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