Art, Architecture and Design in a Radiant Combination



A marvelous spread

An exhibition curated by Jessica Hagen Fine Arts and displayed at "Radiance", a stunning waterfront house at the Newport Beach Club
brought together some of our favorite things: sculpture by Anne Mimi Sammis, paintings by Jessica Pisano and ? architecture by  Michael Flores, and fabulous interior design by Ally Coulter, which all created a living gallery and an art and design 'happening." There was also a special jewelry display of pieces by Ms. Hagen herself.


"Would that all these fine things came together in all places and all times", said an admiring guest. The food, catered by the Carnegie Abbey Club's restaurant complemented the décor, the mood was exuberant, and the weather was sublime.


Melanie Henderson with daughter Jacquelyn, Blake Henderson


We spoke with  Bob Sinclair, new owners of Radiance, Dr.
and Mrs. ??????? (he arrived from Boston in scrubs), Nina Beacher of the Club, Harry Edenbach and artist Jessica Pisano, Jae French, and Carol and Allen Hodges.


Leaving, we bid farewell to the welcoming bronze lawn sculpture by Ms. Sammis, and the spectacular sunset over Narragansett Bay.


                                                --  L.P.


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Jessica Hagen with

From Boston, Dr. & Dr. ?

A Sammis sculpture gracing the living room

The guests on the porch of Radiance

Exquisite, natural jewelry by Jessica Hagen


The view from the second floor


Dave Fleury, Sculptor Anne Mimi Sammis, & Michelle Faust

Jae French, ?

Tennis pro Wayne Turner with Brady Schofield

Marcela Calvet, Anne Mimi Sammis & Jonathan Baggott

The chef in Radiance's kitchen

Michelle Faust with ?


Carol & Allen Hodges relaxing

Hostess Jessica Hagen with a patron

Artist Jessica Pisano & Peter Edenbach

Ms. Pisano with one of her seascapes

A Sammis dancer "al fresco"













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