Architecturally “Green” Building Unveiled by Potter League


Kristen Freguson plays with a puppy in one of the new viewing rooms

Environmentally sensitive, and thoughtfully use-defined, the new facility christened last week by the Potter League for Animals is a 21st century addition in a town usually revered for its historic architecture.  The structure is modern, environmentally friendly, full of light, and LEEDS-designated by the US Green Building Council.  It is the first such designation in Newport County.

Overcoming such challenges as wetlands drainage, conservation of water and energy, and sustainable site planning, the building is wonderful to look at, complete with rooftop watersheds on the two wings, and a green garden on the central roof. It comprises 19,500 square feet, and Fulfills the organizations’s stated goal:  “honoring  their trust.”

But this building is definitely going to the dogs – and cats.  And to an occasional bunny and mouse. The state-of-the-art shelter  supports the health, safety, and well-being of the animals, thereby facilitating their adoption. Everything function has been thought of, including a middle-of-the-night entrance for stray animals when the main building is locked.  A hospital surgery is located on the second floor, and laundries are strategically located throughout.  There is an excellent ventilation system, as well.

According to Pat Heller, Director of Development for Potter League, “our


new building is a realization of a dream brought about by our staff, volunteers, and loyal donors.”  The Robert H. Potter League for animals has been in continuous operation since 1929.

A VIP reception for donors and volunteers was held the evening prior to the public ribbon-cutting ceremony, carried out by Newport mayor Jeanne-Marie Napolitano, Potter League executive director Christie Smith, and vice-president off the Board of Directors Harriet DiCicco.

Bill & Allison Vareika


David & Linda Gordon


Rita Kawata & Al Maiciano


Potter Opening 2009


Pete Peters, Christie Smith,
Lucy Schaffer & Paul Banacci of ARQ


Sandra King & Cathy Robertson


Edith McBean & Helene van Beuren


Holly & John Rice


Thomas Roskelly & Christie Smith pose outside infront of the New metal Potter League Sign


Roger & Sandra King


Lissa & David Ferandez


Kim Ferguson & Annette Pelletier


Ellen & Barry Ford


Sheila Reilly & Annette Pelletier


Edna & William Parker


Frances Holmes, Mary Alice Smith &
Karen Barrett Roskelly


Happy & Archie van Beuren, Emlen Drayton & Christie Smith


Deb Elliot & Myra Duvally


Edward Young & Isabel Negus


Gary & Carolyn Frye


Potter Opening 2009


Roger King & David Ferandez


Kim & Kirsten Ferguson with Emlen Drayton


Carol Miller & Mark Hugo


Lyn Confort, Skip Elliott & Carol Miller


Norey Cullen & Annie Sherman


Pete Peters, John Silvia & Lisa Hasset Silvia


Karen Barrett Roskelly & Carol Miller


Potter Opening 2009


Patricia Heller & Laura Goldstein


Christie Smith & Pete Peters


Chris & Sarah Heaton


Joyce & Amy


Pearl and some of her staff at the Potter Opening 2009

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