"Anything Goes" a Bubbling Brew of Vaudeville, Marx Brothers-style Antics, and Inimitable Cole Porter Music



Nicole Young, Avery Dodd, Norah Hogan & Cory Davis

Take some improbable stock theatrical figures, such as the world's most wanted gangster, an evangelist turned night club singer with her "angels" of dancer/singers, Public Enemy #13, an English Lord, a socially ambitious mother, a handsome hero and heroine, put them all together on the transatlantic liner S.S. America, and what do you get?


You get a wildly successful production at St. George's School of the musical "Anything Goes" that showcased student actor/singers, set designers, and some terrific musicians. Oh, and the stagehands were sensational, too, deftly moving benches and bars in for an ad hoc jail and an impromptu gospel meeting on the deck (how else would you work in "Blow, Gabriel, Blow"?)


The nautical but oh-so-nice set

Interestingly, much of the score for "Anything Goes" was composed when Cole Porter was a guest in Newport at Rosecliff, so the show, at least its music, had its homecoming. The songs have outlasted any performance: Among them, "You're the Top", "I Get a Kick Out of You", "It's De-Lovely", and "Let's Misbehave", all performed delightfully by the cast.


Now, about the actors, who inhabited their larger-than-life characters with admirable professionalism. Particularly good were Nicole E. Young as the brash Reno Sweeney, a role originally created by Ethel Merman; Ziye Hu as the wily Moonface Marlin, Jack-Henry Day as stuffy Lord Evelyn Oakleigh, the object of matrimonial desire. Maggie Maloy as Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt had her mannered voice and gestures down pat, and Bonnie, portrayed by adorable Norah Hogan, the flirtatious young lady, was a show-stopping bundle of energy. Avery Dodd, as Wall Street broker Billy Crocker and Sophie DenUyl, as Hope Harcourt, the ingenues who were destined to be together despite galloping complications, made a lovely couple, finally.


The stars "portholed" on the lobby poster

In a show where narrative was almost nonexistent and dialogue episodic, the costumes of Rebecca Stewart were impeccable.


The band, seated somewhere up top the ship, was excellent, and comprised Veronica Tsai on keyboard, Chan-Joon Park on violin, and Up Punyagupla on percussion. The trumpet and glockenspiel were played by St. George's faculty member Ed Mudrak.


Director Noah Tuleja and assistant director Heath E. Cappello sold candies at intermission. They did a wonderful job, creating an infectiously charming production and coaxing funny and appropriate performances from their young actors. Bravo, all!




Newport Seen rating: Five burgees

Ratings are based on 1 burgee (lowest) to five burgees (highest)



Director Noah Tuleja and Assistant Director Heath E. Cappello

Two parents discuss the production at intermission

John Sawicki with  proud parents of Nicole E.Young, Teresa

and Chris Young

The S.S. America transformed for dining

Toni Woods Maignan, Amanda Warren, Lisa Friesen & Chloe Lee

Jessica Park & Mckenzie Nagle

The ship's crew, Cory Davis, Kat Wood, & Nico DeLuca-Verley

bow to the audience

Reno Sweeney's "Angels" Laurie  Germain,  Charlotte Dulay, Sydney

 Jarrell & Amirah Keaton

Jack-Henry Day & Maggie Maloy taking their bows

Ziye Hu and Norah Hogan bowing to the audience

Sophie DenUyl,  Avery Dodd, Norah Hogan, Maggie Maloy &
Amirah Keaton

The young lovers Sophie DenUyl & Avery Dodd

The entire cast singing the finale

Cole Porter reprise for an encore

Taking many curtain calls

The red carpet and Oscar greet the cast members for the

cast party at Nikolas Pizza

After-party at Nikolas Pizza, Sophie DenUyl and Nicole E. Young

 Out of costume cast members  McKenzie Nagle, Joe Grimeh &

C.J. Park celebrate

Cory Davis and Jack-Henry Day drinking cokes

Photos by Newport Seen and contributors.  All images copyrighted











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