A Festive Closing Dinner for the 2016 Newport Symposium

From the serious, scholarly seminars of the Preservation Society's "Inspired by the Sea" Symposium 2016, participants and experts gathered together at Newport's The Breakers for a closing evening dinner party.


Cornelius Vanderbilt gazes down from the walls of The Breakers

The Vanderbilt mansion, overlooking the sea, rang with conversation and laughter, and the Symposium was heralded as a great success. 


Cocktails on the terrace, dinner in the atrium and dining room were simply relaxed and elegant.

Guests on The Breakers terrace discussing the Symposium


Seen were Symposium Committee chair and architectural scholar George McNeely IV, President and CEO of the Preservation Society Trudy Coxe, Head of Museum Affairs Laurie Grossman, Eugene Roberts, Dr Garry Fischer, Kate Greenman, Bobbie Carpenter, Carol Swift, Liz and Emlen Drayton, Janine Atamian and Nancy Carriuolo, President of Rhode Island College.

                                               -- L.P.

Janet Greene & Andrew Jones


Liz Drayton & Kristin McManus




Kate Greenman & Emlen Drayton


Michael Kerrigan & Eugene Roberts


Barbara & Pieter Roos with Trudy Coxe


Jane Litner & Bob Galkin


Nancy Carriolo, Rhode Island College President, with Ralf Carriolo


Patricia & Torre Peterson


Laurie Grossman, Director of Museum Affairs, with George McNeely IV


Harle Tinney, Liz Marchi & Ashley


George Herrick & friend




Earl McMillen, Lesley & Joe Hoopes and sponsor Bill Hatfield


George McNeely IV with Elizabeth McMillen


Ann Garnett, Janine Atamian & Anne Teasdale


Henry & Lynn Aitken


Leena Langland, Jared Edwards & Bobbie Carpenter


Dr. Garry Fischer with Michelle Kirby


Cindy Barton, Kathy Ortel & Carol Swift, "rowing buddies"


Eileen Douglas & Maureen Sheridan

















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